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Roberto Ferri

Prigione di Lacrime (detail) by Roberto Ferri.


Just because.

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Mona Lisa 2018 by Alex Gross.

Gentleman Style

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Absolutely London

Great layout and typography for Absolutely London.

Jason Brueck Pin Ups

Jason Brueck Pin Ups

Classic works of art spiced up a little with classic pin ups, by Jason Brueck.

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Bold Gentleman

Just because of that navy and white polka dot scarf.

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Black Crows Corpus bomber

Black Crows Corpus bomber

Black Crows Corpus bomber

Inspired by bomber jackets, Corpus Bomber from Black Crows is a padded jacket made with Primaloft® silver insulation designed for skiing and peripheral activities.

Hercules and the Centaur Nessus

The marble group of Hercules and the Centaur Nessus, was completed in 1599 by Flemish sculptor Giambologna, born Jean Boulogne (1529-1608).

The sculpture was carved, impressively, from a single block of marble by Giambologna and it sits in the open-air gallery Loggia dei Lanzi on the Piazza della Signoria in Florence, among the square’s other famous marble occupants.

Showing an advanced understanding of anatomy – visible in Hercules’ rib cage, showing through his taut skin and the veined legs of the centaur, poised in battle – Giambologna’s statue is a powerful evocation of the strength of mortal man.