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Contortionist folding bicycle

Contortionist folding bike

The Contortionist is a sleek folding bike with pivots in its aluminium frame and a lockable universal joint in the front fork, enabling it to roll up to an ultra-compact size that fits within the width of its 26 inch wheels.

Contortionist folding bike

The designer, Royal College of Art student, Dominic Hargreaves decided to eschew messy chains for this bike and opted instead for an internal hydraulic system that uses oil pumped through tubes in the frame to spin the back wheel.

You can watch a video of the bicycle in action, here.

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  1. Miriello Grafico / blog says: August 29, 20094:15 pm

    […] As a project for The Royal College of Art in London, Dominic Hargreaves took it upon himself to prototype a full-sized folding bike that also looked like something commercially viable. And now it’s going straight into production. I love when a dream and a passion cut straight through to a solution without the reams of study that drain the energy off a simple idea. […]

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