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The Starck House (3 Suisses)

Starck House

I was recently reminded of the build your own house kit in a box that Philippe Starck came up with for 3 Suisses in 1994. I would have posted it about it then if I had a blog then but I didn’t so I’ll do it now!

It was basically a wooden box containing the general plan of the house and its components on a scale of 1:50, detailed plans for the ground woodwork, principles of woodworking (beams and joists, insulation, flooring and parquet), roofing woodwork, exterior construction work, plans for electrical wiring, heating and plumbing, a site checklist, a video showing the various stages of construction, commented by Philippe Starck, a step-by-step site management notebook, a blank notebook for the client’s own comments, a French flag for the topping out ceremony and… a hammer…!

Now Philippe Starck gets a lot of stick amongst ‘serious’ design commentators due largely to his celebrity status though why that should be seen as compromising to his status as a designer beats me. At least he brings a touch of humour and irony to design and whilst a lot of his stuff does have too much of an emphasis on styling over functionality (the Alessi Lemon Squeezer is one notable example that springs to mind) he does have his moments of genius and the 3 Suisses house is one of my favourite Starck moments.

“The Starck House (3 Suisses) [1994] is the best architecture I ever made, definitely the most advanced architecture. It doesn’t look like something by Jean Nouvel or Zaha Hadid – it looks a little classic for the most advanced prototype of the modern house. This is because sometimes the modernity is not in the design, but somewhere else, and it’s in the “somewhere else” that it’s interesting.” – Philippe Starck, 1997

Starck House

Starck House

Starck House

Starck House

Starck House

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  1. amanda blanch says: December 10, 20074:35 pm

    i have had the plans for this wonderful house for such along time now and have always wanted to build it in the foothills of the pyrenees. to be honest i have just been thinking about it more and more recently and just googled it now to find your blog. you are right it is a classic and has much to offer over other wooden built modern housing. he philippe stark does come in for a lot of stick and i have never understood this, his classics will always be that but we must always thank him for his wicked sense of bon humour. i am going to see if i can get anywhere with this dream and try and follow it through. however i do not know a great deal about the planning laws of south west france so it could be a long difficult time ahead but without a doubt worthwhile.

  2. Justin says: December 17, 20078:33 am

    Hi Amanda,
    do you know where I can get a copy of the plans, if you are not interested in using yours I am keen to buy them from you?

  3. Alfonso Rodes says: January 6, 20089:18 pm

    Do you know where can I find a copy of the plans?

  4. SEBASTIAN says: January 6, 200811:50 pm

    Hi Amanda,
    I love to have a copy ore Buy them from you!

  5. Dick says: October 5, 20086:51 pm

    Hello Amanda,

    I hope your dream will come true. This weekend I found out about the starck house.
    My dream is to built this house in Italy (Piemonte). I know people who are famiar with the italian laws.
    Do you anyone I can buy the stark box (or copies) from?



  6. marja says: November 9, 20084:41 pm

    Next year I start to build this house in France (departement 87). I have the permission to build it. If you are interested it is for sale. T 33 555570297

  7. gudrun scholz says: November 29, 20089:47 am

    Dear marja, I am very interested in the plans because I also would like to build les tois Suisses in Alsace. Could you tell me your price of the plans and could you tell me how much your house would cost (approximaltely) perhaps it is too exopensive for me sincerely Gudrun

  8. mike garganese says: December 24, 200812:29 am

    I would be interested in purchasing the plans or possible purchase of the house to be built in France …mike@latinblue.net

  9. Jochen Kunze says: February 28, 20095:30 pm

    I am also veryx interested in the plans, is there anyone who sells them? Or does anyone know even where to get the box – but I don´t think so ;-)
    I am planning to build the trois suisses in germany, that´s why I´m looking for the plans. kunze-jochen@web.de

  10. Thierry says: March 2, 20099:11 pm


    i’m selling a wooden starck house box !
    i’ve bought it many years ago as my wife worked in 3 suisses (starck
    has made it for 3suisses sellers)

    this is a very limited edition and numbered wooden box.
    this wooden box is new and in perfect state. it has not been used to
    build a house
    it contains the architect plans of the house designed by philippe
    starck in 1994, a video tape(vhs!), one notebook written by philippe
    starck, a hammer and a flag.
    you can see photos and the description on the web site.

    i’m serious!
    you can ask me questions if you want .

    apologize for my english but as you should know .. france and english !

    best regards

  11. Hannah Schroder-Martin says: March 7, 20092:23 pm

    Thierry, I am very interested in the house-in-the-box kit. Since the article was published, in Elle living I think, I want to build this house. Since I am from Holland I would like to build it here, in the woods of Blaricum. Let me know what the price is and I ll get back to you. I will be in France in April, so maybe it is an idea to drive by and pick it up if we agree on the price! Kind regards, Hannah

  12. Archie says: March 8, 20098:36 pm

    hallo Thierry

    We would like very much to buy wooden box that you are selling. I mean Starck House, (3 Suisses) 1994 – Timber House with general plan of this house with any other essential advices (including video showing). Please give us any suggestion how can we get it and how much does it cost.

    Best regards,

    Archie and Margo

  13. Chris Laarman says: March 18, 20099:30 pm


    I have a wooden Starck/Trois Suisses box number 394 in my posession for many years. It was my intention to built it in Sweden or Holland as a second home but never materialised my plan. It is as new and never been used, so all items are in perfect condition.



  14. Kev Stockwell says: June 21, 200912:26 pm

    I always wanted these Plans,I thought it was a great building

  15. Sherry Bankston says: June 24, 200910:08 pm

    I like this plan very much. Would it be possible to build on a flat lot in Costa Rica? If so, how much are the plans and are they available?

  16. Bob Patefield says: July 1, 200910:15 am


    I have started a discussion group to bring all the information on the Stark house to one place. Please feel free to come a join and share any information you may have on the subject. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/StarckWoodHouse/

    Many thanks.

  17. antonio says: August 7, 200910:00 am

    i’m italian man i search a copy of the plans.
    it’s possible?
    How much for this?

    Thank you.


  18. Derek says: August 26, 20098:29 pm

    If anyone would be interested in selling me the plans or the kit for the Starck house I am a very interested taker. Please email me at derek.hudson@orange.fr

    Thank you


  19. Susanne says: August 30, 200910:21 pm

    Does anyone know where i can purchase this Starck plan for the timber house?? are the plans in the box enough to start building? is it full architect plan included? Please email me at houseinantigua@gmail.com. Best Susanne

  20. Shane Andrews says: September 21, 20095:58 pm

    The Starck House has been in my mind since I read in “the European” newspaper back in the mid 1990’s and I thought seating out in the outer area would be the be all and end all .
    Such a brilliant concept and if anyone who has built one would let me visit the finished masterpiece ,
    I would be so grateful …

    Please contact me …. please email me on : andy1512002@yahoo.com

    Shane Andrews

  21. Eugenio says: January 22, 20102:03 pm


    I wish to build 3 Suisses Stark house in Italy, could anyone send me a copy of the plans? Or sell the box kit?

    If anyone had the chance to build it I would appreciate any suggestion.

    Did anyone built it in Italy? Any difficulty with the local building rules?

    My best


  22. william says: January 30, 20101:36 pm

    Trois suisse, ive got a set of drawings and would love to know if anyone has ever built one. we are hoping, subject o planning to start one this spring. William Davies

  23. marij wijffels says: March 22, 201011:47 am

    My man is becoming 60 this year and the Starck House is one of his dreams he still wants to go for. So I really would like to give him the box for his birthday.
    Is there still somebody who has the box and wants to sell it?

    I very much hope so, Marij

  24. page says: March 28, 20107:05 pm

    I have a Starck house box i would be willing to sell. you can contact me at me.com just add my name and thomas before the at.

  25. Jay says: August 16, 20102:26 pm

    Hi all,


    Before leaving an add on EBAY, I wanted to post one here, specially for true fans of the Starck House. Just like you I had to search really hard to buy mine almost 10 years ago. But unfortunately today I have to sell it for personnal reasons. That’s why if you are willing to get one, and you know that it’s almost impossible these days, you can contact me at this adress: jaysurebay@orange.fr. I can send photos by requests.


  26. john says: March 20, 201112:13 am


    Wauw what a beauty of a hotel! Really every detail is made with a lot of creativity!

    Last week I heard something about a new hotel project of Starck. I think it has something to do with Botinger & Roi. Just check their website and facebookpage. They have an international campaign http://www.facebook.com/pages/Botinger-Roi/166693306713876

    Could it be something of the Hilton group?

    gr. John

  27. Neil says: May 19, 201110:09 am


    I am posting here because I currently have my beloved Starck House Kit number 274/500 for sale. It has been in my possession for almost ten years and is in mint condition (only having been opened a couple of times). I was originally going to build this dream home in the UK but could never find a plot at a price I could afford. I am sorry to see this go but posting here as it would be great if it goes to an enthusiast, or even better someone that gets it built!

    Contact me at neilhousego@googlemail.com for additional details/ photos and price.


  28. Hilde van woudenbergh says: July 30, 20118:42 am

    Dear Neil,

    I am interested in the starck 3suisses box. What would be the price? Kind regards hilde

  29. neil says: August 2, 201110:56 am

    Dear Hilde,

    If you email me at neilhousego@googlemail.com I will be able to provide you with more information.

    Kind regards,


  30. Volker Krempin says: January 27, 201312:03 pm

    I am intrested in the Stark 3suisse Kit. Anybody willing to sell ?
    I plan to build it in the southern Part of the Black Forest (Germany) a place called Hotzenwald 1000m highr facing the western parts of the Alpes (if sight condition a good you can see the Alpes from Mont Blanc up to Austria).
    Would be happy to get the contact
    Kinf regards

  31. volker krempin says: January 27, 201312:26 pm

    In refernce on my notes Jan27,2013 voila
    My contact: volker.krempin@gmail.com
    Kind regards

  32. Gregg Hupert says: April 19, 20133:24 pm

    Very interested in buying the 3 Suisse Philippe Stark original box !
    Please dont hesitate to contact me if you are a genuine seller !

  33. Saskia says: June 22, 20147:53 pm

    Hi, can somebody tell me what’s a reasonable price for a complete wooden starck house box, in good condition.

    Kind regards,

  34. richard lemire says: September 15, 20144:57 am

    I’m interested to buy a kit please contact me if you know where I can find one!

  35. Bonnie says: October 15, 20149:27 pm

    I’am very interested in to kit. Is there someone who would like to sell it to me for a reasonable price?

  36. Marc says: July 10, 20155:05 pm

    I found my box Starck 3suisses with this very friendly French website:


    I think this site is still active today, it is possible to meet buyer and seller.
    Best Regards

  37. Chris says: August 19, 20151:58 pm

    Hello, would love to build the house. It took me around 5 years to find the best possible spot to build it. I did. Next step is a first investigation if I am allowed to build the house based on local regulations. Does somebody know the basis dimensions?

    Please respond, Chris

  38. Coralie says: October 2, 20158:21 am

    I really really interested to buy a kit. If someone sell it ?
    Très intéressée par l’achat du kit, merci de me contacter

  39. FH says: March 7, 20168:07 pm

    I’ve got a box for sale. It includes a full digitalised copy and A3 color mirrored drawings.

  40. Jean says: June 3, 20167:22 pm


    A very good website about Starck house 3 SUISSES =>


  41. Andrea Morein says: September 20, 20164:01 pm

    Hello everyone,
    if there is still a box available to buy, I’d like to buy it!
    Je serai tres interesee d’acheter un coffret, s’il ya quelqu’un qui peut me le vendre?
    Pls be in touch!
    Thanx a lot!
    Andrea Morein

  42. Jean says: January 29, 20173:15 pm


    A very good website about Starck house 3 SUISSES =>


  43. Sebastian von Bulow says: June 21, 20177:29 am

    I am interested to buy the 3 Suisses Box
    Très intéressée par l’achat du kit, merci de me contacter

    Please contact me at

  44. Michel says: August 23, 20174:40 pm

    I am interested to buy a case of Strackhouse. If someone sell it ?

    Je suis intéressé par l’achat du coffret Starck, merci de me contacter


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