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Apple logo dissected

Apple logo deconstructed

Apple logo deconstructed

A diagram suggesting that the Apple logo owes it’s perfect proportions to the principles of the golden ratio.

Via GOLD3N RATIO, via Buamai.

  1. Thiago Barcelos says: July 19, 20113:58 am

    We can find the golden ratio in all Apple’s products. Since the hardware of the Macs and iGadgets until the interface design of the Mac OS and iOS systems, in the icons, web site. Everything. it’s a great branding.

    take a look at these studies i made beyond that you posted at http://www.gold3nratio.tumblr.com

  2. Musback says: July 22, 20118:09 am

    Well, basically, if you ‘search’ for it like this, you can find a certain ratio in pretty much everything.

    Exactly like you can “prove” everything with lies, damn lies and statistics. Sure they’ve thought about their logo, but come on guys they’re not Gods

    http://gold3nratio.tumblr.com/ is just completely rediculous, everybody knows basic design rules require somewhat golden ratio. It’s like those sites about Cydonia, where they “calculate” suspicious angles between pretty much random objects and “oh my god could it be on purpose, it’s aliens!!????”

    Lol at the website golden ratio and especially lol at the insides of their computers… Serious?

  3. Iain says: July 22, 201110:24 am

    I am loving some of the comments on Reddit relating to this..!

  4. […] Found in art, architecture, design, and most intriguingly, in nature, this ratio has been used throughout history and to this day for its aesthetic beauty. […]

  5. Jan says: August 15, 20118:48 am

    It’s feakin’ far away from golden anything ;)

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