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The inevitable iPhone 4 blog post

Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4

I was sceptical when I saw the Gizmodo leak about the new Apple iPhone 4 — surely it was just a prototype casing, I thought.

My reasoning at the time was that it seemed to go against the grain in terms of where Apple appeared to be going with the new streamlined, almost aerodynamic form factors of recent offerings — something I have to say I am not a fan of. One of the reasons I held on so long to my old G4 Powerbook (which I am now forced to replaced due to it’s recent demise) was that I liked the basic boxyness of it’s shape, the exposed screws and the slight lack of refinement in it’s construction. It had an ‘engineering project’ feel about it which I loved.

Well I was wrong and I am glad I was wrong because I love the new iPhone. It has an almost Bauhaus quality with it’s spare glass and steel construction and simple disc shaped volume buttons. There has been criticism from some about the exposed screws — not sleek or minimal enough and not very ‘Apple’ they say – well I beg to differ. To me this new direction for the iPhone represents a return to form.

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  1. Ryan says: June 8, 20109:07 am

    I was surprised by the screws at first but the whole design just says honesty to me, Ive appears to have taken things one step further and this time truly allowed the materials, technology and the device itself to define the design. There is nothing superfluous (there never really is with Ive these days) but I feel he hasn’t felt the need to be as hardcore in covering things up as he has in the past.

    I love it.

  2. Iain says: June 8, 20109:15 am

    ‘Honesty’… yeah that was the word I was looking for.

    Thanks for the comment Ryan… it nicely summarises what I was thinking but failed to put into words..!

  3. jb says: June 10, 20109:39 pm

    i concur with you iain, i was never a fan of the previous form factor and looked to the google phones to create an appealing form, but to no avail, until now, apple nailed it with this one, i love it.

    [i own an iphone, never thought of changing to a google phone, but i still looked for a cool design]

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