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MUJI Chronotebook

Muji - Chrononotes

Beige, minimal, with rounded corners and just small enough to fit in your pocket, the Chronotebook designed by Orcadesign for MUJI is a simple yet effective daily planner, with an analog clock graphic in the centre of each page rather than the standard columns, lines or grids usually found in organisers, thus making time the central structuring element.

ChronotebookThe day is divided in half by the midline of the book — the left hand white graphic represents AM, while the dark graphic on the right is PM. Not only does the layout reflect our circadian nature but it forces you to organize tasks according to the time of day they need to be done making it clear, intuitive and easy to plan and see your daily schedules.

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  1. Jez Williams says: October 22, 20089:26 am

    Is chronotebook available to buy?

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