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Plywood Group DCM chair

Mystery chairs

Photo by Joe Schmelzer via desire to inspire.

I was stumped when it came to identifying the beautiful dining chairs in the above photo. It turns out they are Eames Plywood Group DCM (Dining Chair Metal) chairs. Looks like I don’t know my Eames as well as I should.

Mystery chairs

Thanks to Daniel for clearing that up for me via twitter and to everybody else who responded to me via comments. Feel free to claim your ‘Eames Furniture Spotting’ scout badge (below) and wear it with pride.

Eames Furniture Spotting scout badge


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  1. Sabrina says: January 18, 20113:09 pm

    They are Eames DCM chairs. Love them, too!

  2. Ludvig Holtenäs says: January 18, 20113:10 pm

    Eames dining chair metal

  3. Sigurd M says: January 18, 20113:24 pm

    It’s an Eames, DCM.

  4. Nick says: January 18, 20113:34 pm

    The chairs in the photo are from the Plywood Group/ DCM by Charles & Ray Eames, 1945. they are produced by vitra.

    dcm = dining chair metal

  5. michelle says: January 18, 20113:35 pm
  6. jonas says: January 18, 20114:02 pm

    these are plywood chairs designed by my idol charles eames who also made the famous lounge chair.

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