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Linden Agave surfboard

Linden Agave surfbaord

The Linden Agave singlefin surfboard is a sustainable surfboard, crafted by veteran shaper Gary Linden from dead agave foraged from the SoCal desert.

Agave is a light, extremely durable material with sufficient flex to make it a viable alternative to both the traditional heavy wooden boards of the past and the environmentally toxic materials used in most modern surfboards.

However, this commitment to a better environment doesn’t come cheap — it takes Linden over 60 hours to shape each board and costs in the region of $2,500-$5,000, making this a surfboard you are going to want to take care of.

Given that surfing’s future is heavily dependent on the health of our planet, this step towards finding more sustainable methods in surfboard manufacture should be welcome to surfers, despite the hefty price tag.

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