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Dispatches - In America

dispatches is a book-sized quarterly journal aimed at those who savour the printed word and the timeless photo. Taking a hard look at an imperilled world it reaches beyond the what and who to the more crucial why and what can be done.

Each issue focuses on one subject – the first issue, In America, explores the United States, with in-depth essays from Paul Theroux, John Kifner, Muzamil Jaleel and Samantha Power and an insightful collection of photographs from Antonin Kratochvil.

In a world of fleeting images on computer screens and soundbite journalism, dispatches is a good solid read, with in-depth, beautifully laid-out articles in a portable format – my only gripe would be the presentation of the photo essays – those wonderful images deserve to be displayed without the gutter cutting throught the middle of them.

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