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Today’s mystery object…

Bra Dryer

You might be forgiven for thinking that this impressive, organically formed contraption is a striking new, innovative iPod docking speaker concept from, shall we say, Marc Newson.

Bra Dryer

Well you would be mistaken – it is in fact a patent pending device for drying bras, credited by the manufacturer as having been devised by “our friend Katy”.  I kid you not, and if you don’t believe me check out the Bra Dryer.

I particularly like the analogy they use here:

“Sometimes you can pay $500 – $700 for a couture bra from Guia La Bruna or I.D. Sarrieri. If you pay for your bras over $50 (most women wouldn’t) then you should take a good care of it. For example, if you have a nice car then it makes sense to put it in a good garage overnight and to make sure it gets necessary maintenance.”

Can’t argue with that!

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