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This blog functions as a broadcast medium for my news, a braindump for ideas, a repository for snippets of code and chunks of creative inspiration, a means of communicating my own personal views on life, and a simple tracking system providing an overview of current interests and activities.

Powered by WordPress, the site uses a self-customised theme based on Blogum by Wpshower.

If you like the cut of my jib then I could build one for you too — just get in touch.

If websites were cars then I would consider my blog to be a Citroen 2CV – on the face of it not overly pretty but solid, functional, reliable and fit for purpose. It’s also fun to tinker with when I am not striving to produce the web equivalent of Aston Martins for Netsight and my own personal clients.

And yes, I know the type is currently too small and I really should make the site responsive and more mobile-friendly, but these tasks keep getting pushed further down my to-do list by more pressing demands on my time.

I have recently added advertising to this site which just about covers my hosting costs. I only advertise products and services I have actually used or think may be of interest to my readership. You can read more on my policy regarding advertising on this site, here.

For the lowdown on my commercial and consultancy work, go to Iain Claridge Studio.

Credit where credit is due:
With thanks to Chief Engineer Scott, of Netsight, for keeping this blog running like a finely tuned machine and serving up pages like sh*t off a shovel.

about me

I am a designer, photographer and art director, currently based in Bristol, UK. With a background in graphic design and photography, as well as extensive experience of working within interactive design, I handle work across a broad range of media.

My approach to design is one of simplicity and clarity. I strive to create appropriate work with purpose, honesty, beauty and function. Whether it’s photography, graphic design or interactive design, the core values of my creative process remain the same – flexibility, craft consciousness and a commitment to deliver within budget and on time, time after time.

I currently work as Senior Designer and Head of User Experience for Netsight in Bristol in addition to running my one-man design practice, Iain Claridge Studio. I have experience of working with clients all over the world and will consider offers of contract and freelance work or collaborations of any kind.

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  1. Erwin Heiser says: September 19, 20113:24 pm

    Love it, nice and clean and tight. Only remark I’d make: please lose the lazy loading, it’s annoying as hell :) (a personal preference I admit).
    Ever thought of releasing the previous version as a WP theme?

  2. Marty Lillepold says: April 21, 20129:04 pm

    I enjoyed your blog, the spare layout is elegant, easy to read and enjoyable to navigate. Your images, topics and insights were inspiring.

  3. BP says: September 27, 20129:15 am

    hello iain I ended up here via a random intergalactic trip on Pinterest and a photo with your name on.
    good stuff.
    Ben (also currently in Briz)

  4. Donn says: January 24, 20131:39 pm

    Iain, great site and thank you for the fantastic work on it. It stands out in a sea of mindnumbing design/photo/everything/tumblr blogs. I live in Vietnam and your site is a huge daily bright spot in an otherwise fairly limited (aesthetically) environment. The website I attached is my friend’s whom I try to shill whenever I can.


  5. Merrill says: January 31, 20149:20 pm

    I too ended up here by way of a never to be retraced path through Pinterest. Love the look of your site and look forward to exploring it.
    Happy weekend!

  6. CRVSHER says: September 2, 20143:25 am

    Would really love to get permission to use this photograph http://www.iainclaridge.co.uk/blog/8513 for artwork.

  7. Lisa says: January 20, 20159:54 pm

    Hi Ian, I found you by way of “White” by Kenya Hara and Musashino Art University.
    Thanks for the post and the Grid quote. My teacher Steven Cushner taught use of the grid in an abstract painting class at the Corcoran in DC. I’m still working on it.

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