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Advertising for Lufthansa AG, Frankfurt, by GGK, 1960s. Photo by Alexander von Steiger. Source eMuseum.

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IBM 4431

IBM, advertising for processor 4431, 1979. Unknown artist. USA. Source flickr.

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Action Pants

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London Transport x Man Ray

Poster by Man Ray for London Transport (1938).

Source: The London Transport Museum.

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Olivetti Copia

Olivetti Copia

Walter Balmer poster designs for Olivetti, 1968.

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Olivetti Summa 19

Poster design by Walter Balmer promoting the Summa 19 calculator, designed by Ettore Sottsass for Olivetti, 1970.

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L'Oreal 1950

L’Oreal hair dye ad from 1950.

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Vintage Beetle ad

45 years ago: when advertising—and humanity—tried harder.

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Japanese beetles playing tennis

Japanese beetles playing tennis. Detail from 1958 Shell Chemicals ad.

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This is how to sell LEGO to girls

… or should that be “to the parents of girls”…? But anyway…

A LEGO ad from 1981 with not a pink brick in sight. The only pink in evidence here is the flush of pride in that little girl’s face and that’s just how it should be.

Via @ruth_hunt.