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Lytegem vs. Tensor

Detail of Lightolier Lytegem advertisement from LIFE magazine, Nov 18, 1966.

Tensor was an American company founded by Jay Monroe in 1957. It  became famous for the invention of a sturdy high-intensity desk light specifically aimed at students and was widely used in schools and laboratories throughout the US.

Although the Tensor was highly successful it later became challenged and eventually defeated by another popular rival lighting solution called the Lytegem, designed by Michael Lax and distributed by Lightolier.

American business schools later used the case study of the Tensor Corp to demonstrate that even with a great product, a company can flounder through poor management.

Via Flickr and Atomic Design.

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Expedia baggage tags ad

Loving this simple yet effective campaign by Ogilvy & Mather for Expedia, making clever use of the IATA three letter airport codes that appear on luggage tags.

Over 9000 airports worldwide use these humble yet iconic codes and all the codes used in the campagin are real codes from real airports.

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Going over

Detail from 1951 Van Heusen shirts ad.

Via Roger Wilkerson.

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Jantzen Ski Wear ad

Detail from 1947 Jantzen Ski Wear ad.

Via Roger Wilkerson.

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Look out

Detail from 1952 Champion Spark Plugs ad.

Via Roger Wilkerson.

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One of three brilliant print ads for Reflex Spray instant muscle pain relief, featuring the London, Berlin and New York marathons.

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Porsche 356 ad

Porsche 356 advertisement, c.1955.

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Ardita FIAT

A splendid vintage advertisement for FIAT.

Via Hoodoo That Voodoo.

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Pez Space Gun

Make it count, kid…!

Via Vintage Cool Illustrated.

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Jelly Robot

Created by luxury jellymongers Bompas and Parr, to promote the Sony Xperia mobile phone, the world’s most expensive jelly robot is stuffed with luxuries such as golden cogs, white truffle valves and gemstones for eyes.

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