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Hitachi fan ad

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The last bus

VW ad announcing the production of the very last kombi van.

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Herman Miller vintage ads

Herman Miller vintage ads

Just a couple from an awesome collection of vintage ads from the 1940s and 50s designed for Herman Miller by Irving Harper.

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When pain strikes

A nicely executed campaign for Signal Sensitive Toothpaste by Lowe, Singapore.

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Cosak is orbiting

Suit advertisement from Nova Magazine, March 1967.

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Braun BN0106 watch ad

Advertisement for the Braun BN0106 digital watch by BBDO Proximity.

“The layout has been reduced to the minimum and remains true to the core Braun design principle: The strength of pure. The direct tonality is honest and purely understated, simply “less but better”. And this is exactly what the Braun steel digital watch is.”

Via Design made in Germany.

Isetan newspaper ad

Isetan newspaper advertisement from 1977.

Via Nippon Design Centre.

Herbert Bayer Olivetti poster

Olivetti Typewriter poster illustrated by Herbert Bayer, 1953.

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Hirokazu Matsuda: Asahi Kasei Homes

Japanese advertisement for Asahi Kasei Homes, 2013, by Hirokazu Matsuda.

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Great Ideas of Western Man

Illustration by artist Joseph Gering. Quote from William Graham Sumner. Date 1955.

Ad is from a series “Great Ideas of Western Man” by Container Corporation of America (1950 -1975). Image from the book “Great Ideas” published by Container Corp. in 1976.

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