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Progetto Domestico x Vincenzo de Cotiis

Silver plated brass sconce with square cages and led lights, by Vincenzo de Cotiis for Progetto Domestico exhibition at L’Eclaireur, 2015.

Via McCray & Co.

Max Bill, 1945

Swiss architect, artist, painter, typeface designer, industrial designer and graphic designer Max Bill giving a lesson in Zurich, 1945.

Via Bauhaus Movement.

Walter Gropius lights

Walter Gropius lights

Walter Gropius lights at Bauhaus Dessau.

Via Bauhaus Movement.

Fabio Ongarato Design: One of a Kind

Fabio Ongarato Design: One of a Kind

Positioned as ‘One of a Kind’, Orchard Piper’s Washington Street Development presents a new benchmark in luxury property.

Communicating bespoke, uncompromising quality, the sales and marketing campaign by Fabio Ongarato Design, featuring photography by Adrian Gaut, is a celebration of ‘The Makers’ – a team of international artisans and designers whose contribution to Washington Street is an authentic, architectural statement.

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BBPR fireplace and hood

Fireplace and hood by Studio BBPR, c. 1969.

Via McCray & Co.


Project for grain or cement silos, by Frei Otto, 1959.

Via Archive of Affinities.

Circles *Explored*

Circles *Explored* by Marco Ferrarin.

Das Creative Haus

Cool architectural alphabet GIFs from Florian Schommer.

Composite exteriors

Square in Square, by Oliver Michaels, is a series of photo’s made by compositing photographs of parts of different buildings in a chosen area or route.

Concrete bath

Now that is my kind of bathroom, featuring a concrete bathtub from Glass.