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Anni Albers wallhanging

Ancient Writing, 1936
59 × 43 3/4 ins. (149.9 × 111.1 cm)
Rayon, linen, cotton and jute.

Via The Josef & Anni Albers Foundation.

Electronic whistling machine

Silbo Gomero is an electronic whistling machine by Bildmekanik.

Annick Bouvattier

Annick Bouvattier

Paintings by Annick Bouvattier.

Bill Brauer

Painting by Bill Brauer.

Bogumila Strojna

Reductions by Bogumila Strojna.

Cheryl Ekstrom

Steel Beanbag by Cheryl Ekstrom.

Mystery Martini Grrl

Anyone know the artist..?

Via 100% Art.

Wu Qizhong

Wu Qizhong

Wu Qizhong

Wu Qizhong

Wu Qizhong

Shuimo (ink wash) paintings by Wu Qizhong.

Via The Gifts of Life.

Francis Picabia

Gabrielle Buffet. She Corrects Manners Laughingly. 1915. By Francis Picabia.


The Shark Charmer

Painting by Kozyndan of an ama (Japanese pearl diver) who has hypnotised a hammerhead and tiger shark.

Print available from Society6.