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Ladislav Sutnar: Strip Street

Ladislav Sutnar (1897-1976) was one of the first designers to actively practice in the field of information design and information architecture. His work was based on rationality and the process of displaying massive amounts of information in a concise and organized way to benefit the general viewer. Typography and a limited colour palette was stressed in his work. He often used punctuation symbols to help organize information, but his signature creation in the late 1950s was the idea to place parentheses around the area codes in telephone books.

The 1960s proved to be a difficult time for the designer as he turned to publishing Strip Street (1963), an album of 12 erotic silk-screen prints. Sutnar organized two New York gallery exhibitions of his nudes, In Pursuit of Venus (1966) and Venus: Joy-Art (1969). These works outside of his norm still included Sutnar’s hierarchical design approach as a father of modern information design.

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Sculpture on the Moon: The Fallen Astronaut

Sculpture on the Moon: The Fallen Astronaut

At 12:18 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time on Aug. 2, 1971, Commander David Scott of Apollo 15 placed a 3 1/2-inch-tall aluminum sculpture onto the dusty surface of a small crater near his parked lunar rover. At that moment the moon transformed from an airless ball of rock into the largest exhibition space in the known universe. Scott regarded the moment as tribute to the heroic astronauts and cosmonauts who had given their lives in the space race. …

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Statue of Zeus at Versailles.

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La Cigale

La Cigale (detail), by Jules-Joseph Lefebvre.
1872, oil on canvas.

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Matt McClune

Artwork by Matt McClune.

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Daniel Everett: Die Dinge VI - B

Die Dinge VI – B, Image, 2013, by  Daniel Everett.

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Micol Assaël

Krasnaja Oktobrja (2), 2009, by Micol Assaël.

Wall painting, ink, paper.

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Bridget Riley

Untitled (La Lune en Rodage – Carlo Belloli) by Bridget Riley, 1965.
Screenprint, on wove paper.

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Loving the geometric watercolors of Geometricink.

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