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Beach stroll

No idea who’s work this is but I like it.

Via Forgotten Nobility.

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Amy Judd

Artwork by Amy Judd.

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Thomas Bayrle & Sunah Choi

Artwork by Thomas Bayrle & Sunah Choi at Mezzanin.

Via this isn’t happiness.

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David Wright

Another cheeky David Wright pin-up.

Via Suicide Blonde.

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Sophie Smallhorn

Circle 4 by Sophie Smallhorn.

2008, Chemi wood, acrylic paint, steel.

Via tiefgang.

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David Wright: Arts of Peace

Arts of Peace by David Wright. Wright produced a series of over 160 illustrations or pin-ups for The Sketch during the 1940s. David Wright’s Lovelies proved hugely popular and adorned practically every military mess, bunker, dormitory or club room in the country during World War II. This image is part of a series of post-war illustrations David Wright painted towards the end of his commercial relationship with the magazine.

Via PrintsPlace.

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André Kertész: Eye and Lips

Untitled, (Eye and Lips), 1970, by André Kertész.

Via KitschMyAss.


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Gemma Hadley

Gemma Hadley

Two collages by Central St Martins graduate and live TV presenter (!) Gemma Hadley.

Shown above are We Are All Stars (top) and Mistress.

Having already exhibited alongside Banksy and Damien Hirst, Hadley’s themes naturally gravitate to power, obsession and sexuality through a mix of textiles, paint, wax, wood, and found imagery. She is also currently working on a statement jewellery collection.

More examples of Hadley’s work can be found here on Saatchi’s website or at Apostle Art.

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Alexander Calder x Myron Wood

Mobile by Alexander Calder at Georgia O’Keeffe’s house in Abiqui, New Mexico, 1980.

Photograph by Myron Wood (1921-1999).

Via little augury.

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Benjamin Garcia

Painting by Benjamin Garcia.

Via this isn’t happiness.

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