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Art as a cure for... Anxiety

Head of a Buddha, Indonesia, c. 800-850.

“This is the head of someone who excelled at reducing his own anxiety. Nobody really knows what features the Buddha had, so the artist has devoted his considerable skill to imagining a face that shows us what freedom from anxiety might look like. We’re being invited to look at the face with a desire to become like it is, to share the quality of mind it exhibits. The statue is arguing that it’s not enough just to hear what the Buddha said; we should use our visual responsiveness to implant his philosophy of calm more deeply in our lives. This sounds weird, but it is something we do anyway without noticing. We are attuned to the faces around us and pick up on the emotional signals that emanate from them. Spending time with the right faces is a very good idea, for we will become a little of what they already are.”

Via Art as Therapy.

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Takeshi Murata: Melter 3-D

Melter 3-D, by digital-art impresario Takeshi Murata, is by definition a zoetrope, a device that produce the illusion of motion from a rapid succession of static pictures, but it’s tangible. In other words, the installation is a sculptural animation. The 3D-object itself spins, creating a kinetic effect (with the help of some strobe lights) that makes it look as if it’s melting into itself.

Premiered this past weekend at gallery Ratio 3’s space at the Frieze art fair.

Via The Creator’s Project.

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Enoch Bolles

Painting by Enoch Bolles, 1937.

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Turning the World Upside Down

Turning the World Upside Down II (1995) by Anish Kapoor.

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The Natural System of Colours

The Natural System of Colours

The Natural System of Colours, 1766, by Moses Harris.

Via design is fine.

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El Lissitzky: PROUN A-2

PROUN A-2 (1920) by Russian artist, designer, photographer, typographer, polemicist and architect, El Lissitzky.


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Spire (2004) by Anish Kapoor.

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Chromatic Intersection

Chromatic Intersection by Herbert Bayer, 197o.


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Sara Landeta

Sara Landeta paints birds on the back of medicine boxes.

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And the Wind Blew (Sun Bath)

And the Wind Blew (Sun Bath), 1940s, by Gil Elvgren.

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