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Drzach & Suchy: Haiku

Drzach & Suchy: Haiku

Swiss creative team Drzach & Suchy designed a series of 3D-printed grates that reflect light from the sun onto the bottom of a pool, revealing words written in their shadow.

Looking at the grates on their own, the words are hidden within the weave of the metal. But when they place these coil sheets on the surface of the water the sunlight shines through the mesh, projecting the letters on the other side.

Via The Creators Project.

Romy Northover ceramics

Ceramic by Romy Northover.

Pewter special edition Muju Mandala Spirit sculpture

This pewter Muju Mandala Spirit sculpture, from Muju studio, is one of 3 special ‘cold cast metal’ editions.

Also available in Bronze and Bronze Verdigris.

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Anne Morrison pot

Little Round Bellied Pot, by Anne Morrison, 2013.

Raku and driftwood.

VHS tape tunnel

VHS tape tunnel

VHS tape tunnel

Installation by Žilvinas Kempinas.

Via Fubiz.

Jamie Adams

American artist Jamie Adams paints the human form with the expertise of an European Old Master. His rendering of musculature and gradation of skin tone is exacting and hyperrealistic.

Via Hi Fructose.

Typewriter octopus

Octopus made from typewriter parts.

Via @doctorow.

Wooden bat vase

Wooden bat vase by Michael Kehs.

Khan Nova

Collage by Khan Nova.

Gustave Moreau house staircase

Via @nicodelort.