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Christine Ay Tjoe

Barabas Lights #05, 2008, by Christine Ay Tjoe.

Henrik Isaksson Garnell: Whale Plant

Whale Plant by Henrik Isaksson Garnell.

Conrad Roset

Sketch by Conrad Roset.

Elena and Ekaterina Popovy doll

Art doll by Elena and Ekaterina Popovy.

Brooks Shane Salzwedel: Tins

Brooks Shane Salzwedel: Tins

Brooks Shane Salzwedel: Tins

Layered drawings of landscapes by Los Angeles-based mixed media artist Brooks Salzwedel that reflects the subtle friction between urban development and nature. He creates these ethereal artworks with a three-dimensional quality using graphite, coloured pencil, mylar and resin and casts them inside vintage medicine tins that adds an intimate and jewel-like quality to the drawings.

Via Faith is Torment.

Josephine Meckseper: Blow-Up

Blow-Up (Michelli, Knee-Highs) by Josephine Meckseper. 2006. Chromogenic color print.

David Taylor candlestick trio

David Taylor candlestick trio

This group of candlesticks, from David Taylor, can be stacked to form a number of different silhouettes.

Featured in David’s latest project,  ALL OF THE ABOVE currently on show at The Future Perfect in New York.

ALL OF THE ABOVE: is a highly connected group of objects with a common genealogy and a shared sense of place – it’s the play with materiality and context that has become the logotype of David Taylor’s work.

“When an old-school glazing company moved out of their space in my neighborhood and dumped a load aluminium scrap into a container next to my workshop it was like a gift from above…”

“There were piles of junk in the container but for me the aluminium pipes and profiles where the most interesting, some were pretty scratched up while others still had protective film wrapped round them. The guys who made the windows had retired so suddenly they had lots of material but nobody who knows how to use it…”

Drzach & Suchy: Haiku

Drzach & Suchy: Haiku

Swiss creative team Drzach & Suchy designed a series of 3D-printed grates that reflect light from the sun onto the bottom of a pool, revealing words written in their shadow.

Looking at the grates on their own, the words are hidden within the weave of the metal. But when they place these coil sheets on the surface of the water the sunlight shines through the mesh, projecting the letters on the other side.

Via The Creators Project.

Romy Northover ceramics

Ceramic by Romy Northover.

Pewter special edition Muju Mandala Spirit sculpture

This pewter Muju Mandala Spirit sculpture, from Muju studio, is one of 3 special ‘cold cast metal’ editions.

Also available in Bronze and Bronze Verdigris.

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