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Ewerdt Hilgemann

Wall piece by Ewerdt Hilgemann.

Chelin Sanjuan Piquero

Painting by Chelin Sanjuan Piquero.

Paulo Melo

Paulo Melo

A couple of random montages by Paulo Melo.

Lazlo Moholy-Nagy

Lazlo Moholy-Nagy

A couple of random photos by painter, photographer and Bauhaus professor Laszlo Moholy-Nagy.

Via if I could choose.

The Container

The container by arha.


René Wirths

René Wirths

German painter René Wirths creates portraits of everyday objects and in doing so casts them in a new light.

Andrei Cojocaru

Copy this v2 by Andrei Cojocaru.

Olympia by René Magritte

Olympia by René Magritte.

Jiminez Lai: White Elephant

With an outer shell that’s hard and impenetrable and a soft interior lined with cow-hide, White Elephant, from Jiminez Lai, falls somewhere between furniture and a building within a building.

Handke, 1993 by Richard Serra

Handke, 1993 by Richard Serra.