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The Container

The container by arha.


René Wirths

René Wirths

German painter René Wirths creates portraits of everyday objects and in doing so casts them in a new light.

Andrei Cojocaru

Copy this v2 by Andrei Cojocaru.

Olympia by René Magritte

Olympia by René Magritte.

Jiminez Lai: White Elephant

With an outer shell that’s hard and impenetrable and a soft interior lined with cow-hide, White Elephant, from Jiminez Lai, falls somewhere between furniture and a building within a building.

Handke, 1993 by Richard Serra

Handke, 1993 by Richard Serra.



Two record covers for Kode9 & the Spaceape by OPTIGRAM.

Via The Far Left.


Carlo Bernadini

Light sculpture in fibre optic and stainless steel by Italian artist, Carlo Bernadini.

Pencil Table

Pencil Table

Table of Pencils by sculptor Motohiro Tomii.

Via Spoon & Tomago.

Toothpicks by Tom Friedman

Toothpicks by Tom Friedman.