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What is blogging?

Via this isn’t happiness.

Between The White Lines

Between The White Lines

A couple of randoms from one of my favourite motoring blogs, Between The White Lines.

Facebook is the new suburbia

Car­toon by Hugh MacLeod, ins­pi­red by WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg’s post over on GigaOm, Open Web FTW.

Makr Blog

Via Makr Blog.

The Butterfly Collector

I was informed just the other day about The Curator’s Code — a formalised and somewhat over-complicated system, involving special unicode characters generated by a bookmarklet, designed to encourage “curational” bloggers to provide proper attribution to the source of their material.

Whilst I have no doubt its aims are well-meaning, my main objection to The Curator’s Code is not its rather convoluted approach, but its apparent emphasis on the attribution for discovery rather than the more crucially neglected issue of proper attribution for creation.

In light of this I thought I would share with you my process for attribution — a simple little system not involving special characters or secret handshakes — which I call my “Collector’s Code” (because I’m not overly keen on the term “curator”).

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Cork drawers

Another cracking find by Johanna from her must-see blog Today you inspired me, which practically every day, inspires me..!

Photo by Tina Hellberg & Idha Lindhag for Swedish Elle Interior.

Mystery Tumblr Girl

Typical of the multitude of non-attributed images you find on Tumblr, for which, despite no end of reverse image searches on Google or TinEye, you are unable to find the author or original source. :/

Via any number of Tumblr blogs.

Attempting to give a damn

One of the interweb’s more “serious” design bloggers has emailed me with the following put down…

“To identify yourself as a design blogger is a bit grandiose. As much content as you regurgitate from others’ sites, a more apt description would be a digital scrap-booker at best.”

Just for the record, since it has never been my intention for my blog to serve any higher purpose than that of a digital scrap-book, then “digital scrap-booker” is a moniker I can live with.




A small selection from one of my favorite design bloggages, Reform.

It’s a beautifully curated collection of visual delights  — my only gripe would be the lack of source information.

How to credit

… where credit is due.

Brilliant, necessary and about time! How to properly credit an image visualized in a flowchart by Pia, Erin and Yvette.

Via swissmiss.