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Using only the natural resonance of wood and no electronics, KOOSTIK amplifies the volume output of your iPhone acoustically up to 4 times, through specially designed sound channels and hemispherical sound chambers that create rich, dynamic and natural, acoustic amplification.

OK, so if you’re into loud Heavy Metal at high volume or bangin’ choons with heavy sub base sounds, it may not cut the mustard, but if you like intimate vocals, relaxed understated instrumentals or ambient sounds, KOOSTIK makes a great alternative to conventional iPhone docks. I reckon it’s the perfect companion for the Buddha Machine app.

Avraham Cornfeld

Liking very much the work of Israeli designer, Avraham Cornfeld especially the POST:POSTER series.

Robby the Robot

The best robot evvahh..!  When it comes to robots, he IS the Daddy.

Lomo LC-A White Edition

Lomo LC-A White Edition

The traditional Japanese stone garden is the prime inspiration for the new Lomo LC-A+ White Japan Edition.

The camera comes with a white edition of the Lomo L-Case and is limited to only 1000 pieces worldwide.

Vintage Newport cigarettes ad

Cool vintage ad from 1970 for Newport cigarettes.

Via Paco Camino.

Brasserie Godot

Brasserie Godot

Restrained identity for Brasserie Godot by Marcus Gärde, aka BachGärde Design & Communication.

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Motion Forms

Motion Forms

Motion Forms is a series of beautiful paper sculptures by Richard Sweeney, created by hand-folding watercolour paper.

Via Daniel Howells.

Cup & Paste

Cup & Paste, by Bas van Beek, is a cup and saucer set, that takes inspiration from drawings by the prominent Dutch architect, Berlage. The item is a featured object at the Nationaal Glasmuseum.

Via Abitare.

Porcelain Micro Tiles

Porcelain Micro Tiles

Porcelain Micro Tiles by Heather Knight of Element Clay Studio.

Angled factory shades

Angled factory shades

Angled enamelled shades. Circa 1950.

Via Skinflint Design.