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Johnny Selman of San Francisco is designing a poster a day for 365 days based on a headline taken from the BBC News website.

Via Dezeen.

Everyday Carry

That is one classy Everyday Carry, right there.

card/photo holder

card/photo holder

Loving this neat little crafty paper fix, by Joke van de Gaer of Tokketok. A simple card/photo holder made of scrap paper and coloured fabric tape.

Via of paper and things.

Collaborative Instrument

Collaborative Instrument

Collaborative Instrument, by Matt West, requires two people to be played: one person to control the pitch and the other to control the rhythm.


132 5. by Issey Miyaki

Inspired by the work of computer scientist Jun Mitani, who creates three-dimensional structures with smoothly curved surfaces by folding flat materials, Issey Miyake has designed 132 5. a range of clothing that expand from two-dimensional geometric shapes into structured shirts, skirts, pants and dresses.

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Vintage matchbox

Shailesh Chavda has himself a nice collection of vintage matchbox labels.

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Rasmus Koch

Cool works over at Rasmus Koch.

NYT Style in the woods


Karim Rashid: Data-Driven

Karim Rashid: Data-Driven

Drawn on Fujiflex and mounted on Plexiglas, Data Driven is a series of eight large-format digital artworks by New York-based designer Karim Rashid. Translating digital data into a formal aesthetic, the resulting undulating forms are organic, digital shapes which move with a particular fluidity.

Via Designboom.

Freeze Etch: Perjorative

Freeze Etch: Perjorative

Album artwork by Eric Carl, for electronic musician Freeze Etch, utilizing vintage computer CD caddies.

Via blueverticalstudio.