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Raygun: Issue 42

Raygun: Issue 42, December 1996.

Parent business card

Nice business card for Poole based design studio, Parent.

New Simplicity - Oscar Diaz

New Simplicity is an exhibition featuring everyday objects that have been designed with clarity and simplicity in mind.

Including the work of established designers such as Jasper Morrison and Sam Hecht, alongside a new generation of designers including Min-Kyu Choi, the exhibition features current examples of simple design, alongside some new products and prototypes..

The exhibition runs until 8th August 2010 at the Brompton Design District, 203 Brompton Road (London SW1).

Via Collate.

BMW 328 Roadster

Ahh… they don’t make ’em like that anymore.



Totem is a stackable, modular shelving system, designed by Belgian architect Vincent van Duysen for Dutch manufacturers, Pastoe.


Via Dailytonic.

Cale Glendening business card

I am loving this beautiful business card, created for film-maker and photographer Cale Glendening, by Ryan Clark of Seattle based Invisible Creature.

Cale Glendening business card

Down in the left corner of the black embossed envelope is a little die cut box.  When the card is pulled out, it does a 360 degree pan around Cale’s head like a mini stop-frame animation, implying Glendenings’s field of work.

One Phone

white surfboard

Absolute Sellout is a nicely curated online store selling bits and bobs of random ephemera, games, literature and other little knick knacks. Unfortunately the two tasty little items that caught my eye shown here, the One Phone (top) and custom white surfboard, are both sold out.

Timex Flip Clock

Timex Flip Clock

I wish I had seen this original retro Timex flip clock on Absolute Sellout before it had absolutely sold out.

Velichko Velikov

Velichko Velikov

Paradoxical chair concept from Velichko Velikov.

West Architecture: Therefore offices

Beautiful wooden sliding screens divide up the ground floor of this office interior, designed by West Architecture for product design consultancy, Therefore.

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