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PP225 Flag Halyard Chair

PP225 Flag Halyard Chair

The PP225 Flag Halyard Chair by Hans Wegner, combines plaited flag halyard and longhaired sheepskin with the industrial sharpness of  chromium plated steel tubing, to form a chair that is positively shagadelic, Baby.

Santiago Choppers Skull Helmet

This Skull Helmet from Santiago Choppers is, as they say in the trade, pretty bad ass. Just the thing for intimidating the neighbourhood whilst cruising on your Segway.

Sample Gallery

I was pleased to discover that Sample Gallery have included my humble site amongst their selection of fine creative blogs.

The cheque’s in the post, guys. ;)

Project Thirty-Three

Project Thirty-Three has an amazing selection of vintage record sleeves, with some excellent examples of modernist graphic design, collected, scanned and archived by the owner of Jive Time Records, a Seattle based store specializing in used vinyl.

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Espresso Solo

Espresso Solo

Espresso Solo is a cool concrete espresso machine concept by Shmuel Linski. I particularly like the Fred Flintstone style strength control buttons.

Freitag F27 Notebook

Freitag F27 Notebook

The Freitag F27 recycled tarp notebook with freely arrangeable content, Pentel 205 pencil, three bookmarks and biodegradable ATOMA binding system.

Freitag F27 Notebook

The 68-page insert features 3 informational pages, 17 white lined, 20 white blank, 7 yellow perforated, 7 green perforated and 13 address register pages as well as a foldable 2-year planner.

Raygun: Issue 42

Raygun: Issue 42, December 1996.

Parent business card

Nice business card for Poole based design studio, Parent.

New Simplicity - Oscar Diaz

New Simplicity is an exhibition featuring everyday objects that have been designed with clarity and simplicity in mind.

Including the work of established designers such as Jasper Morrison and Sam Hecht, alongside a new generation of designers including Min-Kyu Choi, the exhibition features current examples of simple design, alongside some new products and prototypes..

The exhibition runs until 8th August 2010 at the Brompton Design District, 203 Brompton Road (London SW1).

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BMW 328 Roadster

Ahh… they don’t make ’em like that anymore.