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Great minds

Quote by Eleanor Roosevelt.

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Life is like riding a bicycle...

One of a collection of illustrated type quotes by Emiliano Aranguren.

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The secret of change

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Three thngs

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Brooklyn To Mars

Just recently to have arrived through my letterbox was a little package containing four issues of Brooklyn To Mars, a limited edition, hand-numbered zine published by Markus Almond.

Each issue is typed on a yellow portable Remington typewriter and pages laid out by hand with scissors and a glue stick. Containing mainly inspirational passages on life and the creative processes affecting artists, entrepreneurs and lone wolves, each piece of writing (which Almond calls ‘paraprose’) is given it’s own page and occasionally decorated with a 19th century pictoral image.

Here is the philosophy behind this beautifully produced little zine:

“John Glenn was the first American to orbit the earth. He did this on February 20, 1962. Glenn was able to leave our world on a poorly constructed rocketship. He floated in space and gazed at the earth. This was before computers were realistically usable, before the internet existed, and even before the Beatles released their first album.

If a man is able to leave the earth using primitive technology, think of all the possibilities in your life today.

This is what Brooklyn To Mars seeks to explore. It’s about learning from incredible people and saying, “I can do that.” Brooklyn To Mars is about starting from where you are today and going someplace extraordinary.”

Having just struggled through the first Christmas since the break up of my marriage, reading through Almond’s collected inspirational musings was just the thing I needed right now to help lift my spirits and break on through to a new chapter in my life.

Brooklyn To Mars is available from the Markus Almond Shop.

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Just imagine...

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Air and light and time and space

Charles Bukowski (1920-1994) was an American writer and poet. Despite the motivational element of this poem, Bukowski was definitely not an uplifting or inspirational writer. His work focused on the mundane and depraved aspects of society with employment, alcohol and sex featuring prominently.

After minor success in his mid-twenties, Bukowski quit writing and spent 10 years wandering the country, working crappy jobs and drinking a hell of a lot. After he blew out his ulcer from alcohol abuse, Bukowski took up writing again when he was 35 while continuing to work menial jobs. He finally quit his job as a postal clerk and became a full-time writer at the age of 49.

Bukowski definitely lived by the words of this particular poem – he’s had over 60 volumes of work published including thousands of poems and hundreds of stories and there continues to be new material of his published posthumously.

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Look for magic...


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