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Circa incense burner

Circa incense birner

Beautifully simple incense burner in brass from Cinnamon Projects.

Sophie Buhai: Egg Pendant

Egg pendant in sterling silver, by Sophie Buhai.

Day of the Dead corkscrew

Available from Crate & Barrel.

Zombie Cribbage

Zombie Cribbage

This un-dead twist on the 17th Century card game comes complete with a zombified deck of playing cards and instead of your standard bland cribbage board and pins you’ve got an open cobbled street and a rabble of gormless staggering zombies.


Via Firebox.

Virtue Dolls

Virtue Dolls

Virtue Dolls

Developed by The School of Life, in collaboration with Momiji, each of these Virtue Dolls, inspired by traditional Japanese dolls, embodies an exemplary virtue: BraveryKindness, Calm.

Place the little figures before you on the desk or shelf, and when you catch sight of them during stray moments of the day, allow their subtle and beguiling power to remind you of your true aspirations.

Via Polite.


Botanical jewellery by Ruby Robin

Botanical jewellery by Ruby Robin

Loving the botanical jewellery of Ruby Robin.


Cross stitch microbes

Cross stitch microbes

Cross stitch microbes by Alicia Watkins.

DIY pencils

That’s right, make your own pencils..! A nice DIY project from Merrythought.

Via of paper and things.

Sailing ship kite

Sailing ship kite

Loving this beautiful sailing ship kite in bamboo and nylon, from Haptic Lab.

Via swissmiss.

Kali Skull Bone Mala

Kali Skull Bone Mala from Japa Mala Beads.