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Just tested this blog on IE7 here on the office PC and for some reason it just will not display the front page.

It starts to load then flashes up a message declaring “Internet Explorer cannot load http://www.iainclaridge.co.uk/blog – operation aborted”

Every other page of the site loads ok in IE and the whole site works on every other browser across both mac and PC platforms.

Does anyone have any experience of this or ideas as to why this might be happening?

In the meantime – screw you Internet Explorer – you suck…!

And I urge anyone who is viewing this blog in Internet Explorer to try another browser – not just so you can see this site glitch free but because of lots of reasons.

+ download firefox

It would appear that my blog is occasionally crashing safari – this is something I am looking into and will hopefully have sorted soon. In the meantime apologies to all you safari users – maybe you wouldn’t mind browsing in one of the less buggy browsers such as firefox. opera is also nice and now my current browser of choice for surfing – though sticking to firefox for my development work.

“what about Internet explorer?” i hear you say – now that would just be silly…!

Oh… and should anyone have any clues as to why I am having this problem, your advice would be most welcome.

+ download firefox
+ download opera