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John Willie

Illustration by John Willie in Bizarre Magazine No.11, 1952.

Smithsonian: First Americans

Another cool cover from Smithsonian.


The World's first computer art

The World's first computer art

During a time when computing power was so scarce that it required a government defence budget to finance it, a young man used a $238 million military computer, the largest such machine ever built, to render an image of a curvy woman on a glowing cathode ray tube screen. The year was 1956, and the creation was a landmark moment in computer graphics and cultural history that has gone unnoticed until now.

Using equipment designed to guard against the apocalypse, a pin-up girl had been drawn.

She was quite probably the first human likeness to ever appear on a computer screen.

She glowed.

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Mid-Century Modern prints

Mid-Century Modern prints

Mid-Century Modern prints by Oren Sherman.

Via Design Milk.

She Hulk

Illustration by Gary Frank.

Yuri Shiller

Loving the artworks of Yuri Shiller.

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Erik Jones

Dipped Queen by Erik Jones.

Batgirl x Gerald Parel

Batgirl, illustrated by Gerald Parel.

Douglas Fir

Pin-up piece illustrated by Claire Hummel.

Snow fall

Illustration by Enoch Bolles (1883-1976).