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Tennent Brown

Tennent Brown

Love the website of New Zealand architectural practice Tennent Brown, in particular the stepped text treatment which reforms as you scroll.

Great design from New Zealand “digital outfitters” BKA.

Heuer electronic stopwatch

Electronic stopwatch, model 520, 1974. Designed for Heuer by Richard Sapper.

Via design is fine.

Ferrari 308 GT4 dash

Detail from the dashboard of the Ferrari 308 GT4, 1970’s.

Via Between the White Lines.

Long shadow iOS 7

Long shadow iOS 7

Long shadow iOS 7

I have to say I rather like these iOS 7 icons redesigned using long shadow design principles by Sanat Rath.

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Jony Ive redesigns Google

OUCH..!  ;-)

Via Jony Ive Redesigns Things.

I just want my Flickr back

For all those who, like me, think the newly revamped Flickr thoroughly stinks and is anything but an improvement on the original.

Via x-ray delta one.

Bang & Olufsen remote

Bang & Olufsen remote control, c.1974.

Via Twowheels+.

AGI Open website

A cracking job on the AGI Open website by Spin.

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iOS '86

iOS ’86 by Anton Repponen.

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Arnaud Mercier

Arnaud Mercier

Arnaud Mercier

Checkout the comprehensive archive of excellent work in this online retrospective of the prolific and hugely influential French graphic designer, Arnaud Mercier (1972 – 2011).

The guy was a legend who’s work spanned the disciplines of graphic design, branding, typography, interface design and photography.