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Modern bathroom

Via Luna.

Robert’s Street

Robert’s Street by Steve Domoney Architecture.

Gustave Moreau house staircase

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Bedroom love

The Apartment by the Line, SoHo.

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Now that is my kkind of mantlepiece.

From the home of Joel Berg.

San Giobbe +160

San Giobbe +160

San Giobbe +160, Venice, Italy by Act_Romegialli.

Photo: Marcello Mariana.


Frama Studio

Frama Studio

These images of Frama Studio capture that quintessential secret blend of raw, textured and warmth while still being clean simple and cohesive.  “Scandinavian” can so often be misinterpreted as minimal to the extent of becoming sparse and cold.

Frama studio shows how it is possible to have a functional space that still honours the beauty and materiality of the things that exist within it.

Via The Gifts of Life.

Aesop store interior

Aesop store interior

Aesop’s in-house design team worked with Parisian architecture and design studio Ciguë to create the interior of their new UK store in Nottingham, with an emphasis on raw, natural materials.

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Spartan bathrooms

Spartan bathrooms

Loving these two beautifully spartan bathrooms.

Via Katerina Pimenidu.

Braun TS 45 control unit

… amongst some other nice stuff.

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