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Lab-ware as terrarium


Via The Classy Issue.

Best Made Possibilities Kit

Best Made Possibilities Kit

Best Made Possibilities Kit

To prepare for the unexpected, American pioneers carried “possibilities bags”. These bags weren’t filled with solutions to specific problems, but tools to engineer solutions to any problem.

The Best Made Possibilities Kit includes a set of basic tools that accomplish what your fingers can’t. Paired with adaptability and some skill, the Possibilities Kit will turn sudden inconveniences into small victories.

Sysadmin Holiday Wreath

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Xmas Jag


Engineering flowchart

Via @MattBallard.

DIY wallhanger

Neat DIY wall hanger project with free downloadable print.

Via of paper and things.

DIY pencils

That’s right, make your own pencils..! A nice DIY project from Merrythought.

Via of paper and things.

Ponytail genius

Sheer genius..!!

DIY origami diamond mobile

DIY origami diamond mobile

Make a beautiful DIY mobile out of origami diamonds.

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Cable management

Best cable management ever.

Via @Durf.