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Theres Alexandersson x Andreas Sjodin

Theres Alexandersson, styled by Lisa Lindqwister and photographed by Andreas Sjodin.

Passion Baroque

Toni Garrn photographed by Andreas Sjodin for Vogue Paris September 2012.

Via The Gifts of Life.

Marcel Breuer: Church of St Francis de Sales

Church of St Francis de Sales, Michegan (1964) by architect Marcel Breuer (1902 – 1981).

Vitya Glushchenko

Photo by Vitya Glushchenko.

Alexandra Bellissimo

Inhibit from the Simulations photo collage series by Californian artist, Alexandra Bellissimo.

Hannes Kilian

Photo by Hannes Kilian, 1909 – 1999.

Sofia Loren

Via Hoodoo That Voodoo.

Martine Franck

Martine Franck

Martine Franck, Magnum photographer and the second wife of the late Henri Cartier-Bresson has died, aged 74.

In Contact Theory, Ms Franck remembers being en scene to take the image shown top and how she chose this particular frame…

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Billy Kidd: Decaying Rose

Billy Kidd: Decaying Rose

Decaying Roses by Billy Kidd.

Harper's Bazaar España