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Michael Chase

Photography by Michael Chase.

Via Tiefgang.

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Weird clouds


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Braun lithographic print

Just one from a folio of 16 six-colour metallic offset lithographic prints to commemorate Braun’s classic hi-fi range. Published in limited numbers to mark the end of hi-fi production at Braun in 1990.

Via eBay.

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Anton Bruehl

Swimsuit advertisement from 1951, photographed by Anton Bruehl (1900 – 1982).

Via QUT Art Museum.

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Lifeguard pod

The handiwork of German engineer Ulrich Müther along with architect Dietrich Otto, this nicely appointed lifeguard pod can be found on the beach in Binz, on the German island of Rügen.

Photo by Harry Kulle.

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Zaha girls

Architecture by Zaha Hadid.

Via Android Ghost.

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Basket Monks

komusō (虚無僧) was a Japanese mendicant monk of the Fuke school of Zen Buddhism, during the Edo period of 1600-1868.

Komusō were characterised by the straw basket (a sedge or reed hood named a tengai) worn on the head, manifesting the absence of specific ego. They are also known for playing solo pieces on the shakuhachi (a type of Japanese bamboo flute). The Japanese government introduced reforms after the Edo period, abolishing the sect.

Komusō means ‘priest of nothingness’ or ‘monk of emptiness’.

Via Retronaut.

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Lisanne de Jong x Miguel Reveriego

Lisanne de Jong photographed by Miguel Reveriego for Harpers Bazaar.

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Photo by Jeffrey David Cohn.

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Fixed leather camera strap

Fixed leather camera strap from Tipton and Co. Made from a single strip of heavyweight vegetable tanned bridle leather, that has been waxed and oiled for heavy use and durability, as well as water resistance.

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