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A fine coat

A Saxon infantryman wears a heavy fleece overcoat and felt overboots, entirely unsuitable for combat, but much welcomed when assigned sentry duty. Photo c.1918

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Ondine Vinao x Ronny Kabbot

Ondine Vianao photographed by Ronny Kabbot.


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Alan Teger: Bodyscapes

Alan Teger: Bodyscapes

Alan Teger: Bodyscapes

Bodyscapes by Alan Teger.

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Boy, that was a ride

Bob White greets his son, having become the first man to earn a winged astronaut rating by piloting his rocket-powered X-15 airplane into space.

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Surface Tension-86

Surface Tension-86, 2012 by Douglas Prince.

Eniko Mihalik x Richard Bush

Eniko Mihalik in Paco Rabanne photographed by Richard Bush.

Experimental Nude x Paul Heismann

Experimental Nude by Paul Heismann, 1930s.

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Zaha Hadid: BMW Central Building

Detail of BMW Central Building by Zaha Hadid Architecture.


London 2012 Velodrome action

London 2012 Velodrome action

Photos by Bryn Lennon (top) and Jamie Squire, Getty Images.