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Surface Tension-86

Surface Tension-86, 2012 by Douglas Prince.

Eniko Mihalik x Richard Bush

Eniko Mihalik in Paco Rabanne photographed by Richard Bush.

Experimental Nude x Paul Heismann

Experimental Nude by Paul Heismann, 1930s.

Via Hoodoo That Voodoo.

Zaha Hadid: BMW Central Building

Detail of BMW Central Building by Zaha Hadid Architecture.


London 2012 Velodrome action

London 2012 Velodrome action

Photos by Bryn Lennon (top) and Jamie Squire, Getty Images.

Mo Farah

Mo Farah

A couple of my favourite Mo-ments from the London 2012 Olympics so far.

Mo Farah after winning the 10k.

Bruna Tenório x Kevin Sinclair

Bruna Tenório x Kevin Sinclair

Bruna Tenório photographed by Kevin Sinclair for Vestal Magazine.

Via Touchpuppet.

The Saline Project: MVHV

MVHV (Monsters, Villains, Heroes and Victims), by Brooklyn based The Saline Project, broadens the traditional computerized GIF art-form from a basic animated visual to one that also illustrates depth and volume.

This technique, dubbed “3D lenticular imagery”, was achieved through photographing the scenes in a studio and then reproduced into a form of photo collage, cut up in a particular way to give the illusion of dimension.

Via designboom.

Remy Duval x Man Ray

Remy Duval by Man Ray, 1930.

Gay Dawn

Gay Dawn. Photographer unknown.

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