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Marc Lagrange: Lovelace

Photograph by Marc Lagrange.

Aymeline Valade x Rasmus Skousen

Aymeline Valade x Rasmus Skousen

Aymeline Valade photographed by  Rasmus Skousen for Cover Magazine.

Josephine Cardin

Josephine Cardin

Photography by Josephine Cardin.

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Off-world vehicle

Via Nasa History & Science.

Sam Hendel

But A Canvas photographed by Sam Hendel for RUSSH October/November 2015.

Via The Classy Issue.

Japanese War Tuba

Japanese soldiers demonstrate the use of a Japanese War Tuba, 1932.

Via Historical Times.

Art of Face

One of many amazing make-up transformations photographed by Alexander Khokhlov.


Via Randomitus.

Girl Friday

Jean Patchett x John Rawlings

Jean Patchett photographed by John Rawlings for Vogue UK.

Via Minamazine.