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Hug a duck

Source unknown.

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Mystery nude

Source unknown.

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Mary Eaton

Ziegfeld Girl Mary Eaton, by Alfred Cheney Johnston, 1920’s.

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Pierrick Jégou: DeLorean

DeLorean photographed by Pierrick Jégou, available as a Piezography print from MEMORIESLAB.

Piezography K7 is a specialized set of monochromatic pigment ink that produces archival grade prints with the most detail and widest tonal range known in inkjet printing. Each image is printed on Canson BFK Rives paper, a favourite among many artists and photographers. The special edition K7 ink has been blended with neutral, selenium and carbon ink which has a final touch similar to traditional platinum prints.

Marc Lagrange: Lovelace

Photograph by Marc Lagrange.

Aymeline Valade x Rasmus Skousen

Aymeline Valade x Rasmus Skousen

Aymeline Valade photographed by  Rasmus Skousen for Cover Magazine.

Josephine Cardin

Josephine Cardin

Photography by Josephine Cardin.

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Off-world vehicle

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Sam Hendel

But A Canvas photographed by Sam Hendel for RUSSH October/November 2015.

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Japanese War Tuba

Japanese soldiers demonstrate the use of a Japanese War Tuba, 1932.

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