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Maserati Boomerang

Check out the controls for the Maserati Boomerang concept coupé, 1972.

Siemens & Halske W48 telephone

Siemens & Halske, W48 desktop telephone, designed 1948 for Deutsche Bundespost. Date of manufacture: 1954.

Source: Heinrich Nixdorf Museum. Via Design is Fine.

Cosmos wooden toys

Cosmos wooden toys

Cosmos wooden toys

This is one of those “I wish I’d thought of that” moments….

Cosmos is a set of classic wooden blocks reinvented with cool aerospace forms and a patented magnetic system.

Each individual part is formed in solid beech, sanded by hand, and painted with 3 layers to give a beautiful, smooth finishing.

A super cool and innovative soft touch coating – extremely low gloss and low reflectivity – is used on selected parts to enhance the aesthetic and haptic qualities.

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Romy Northover ceramics

Ceramic by Romy Northover.

Poppin Stow File Cabinet

Who says filing cabinets need to be ugly.

Stow File Cabinet from Poppin.

Eames aluminium chair

Aluminium chair by Charles Eames, c. 1958.


Sinn 1800 S wrist watch

The Sinn 1800 S wrist watch is made from Damascus steel, a combination of hard and soft steels, which go through an elaborate process legendary for it’s use in the making of swords, knives and blades.

The resulting Damascus pattern on the dial continues throughout the entire case and case back to create a pattern unique to each piece.

Biltwell Gringo helmet

Biltwell Gringo helmet

Biltwell Gringo helmet

Biltwell Gringo helmet

Biltwell Gringo Helmet in hand-painted, flat black, injection-molded ABS.

Pierrick Jégou: DeLorean

DeLorean photographed by Pierrick Jégou, available as a Piezography print from MEMORIESLAB.

Piezography K7 is a specialized set of monochromatic pigment ink that produces archival grade prints with the most detail and widest tonal range known in inkjet printing. Each image is printed on Canson BFK Rives paper, a favourite among many artists and photographers. The special edition K7 ink has been blended with neutral, selenium and carbon ink which has a final touch similar to traditional platinum prints.

Paper lamp

Inspired by origami, this simple geometric lamp shade by Milk Design, is made from sustainable bamboo paper from Conqueror, on a wooden support constructed without using any screw and glue, jointed by an interlocking structure and held together by pins.