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Aesop: Taxonomy of Design

Aesop’s Taxonomy of Design microsite looks at their unique stores around the world, the designers behind them and the objects in them.

“Taxonomy of Design is a digital compendium of our signature stores which pays tribute to the creative processes, materials and features that distinguish Aesop spaces, and to the designers and architects with whom we collaborate. This archive is intended not only to document the creation of Aesop stores but also to celebrate a unique approach to retail architecture and design that is respectful of community, culture and history.”

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Bistro signage typography.

Photo credit Sa___ki0126.

Via The Gifts of Life.

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Abram Games

Abram Games

Vintage posters by British graphic designer Abram Games, whose motto was “Maximum meaning, minimum means”.

Via Typorn.

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Il Disprezzo

Italian poster by Giuliano Nistri for Contempt (Jean-Luc Godard, France, 1963).

Via Movie Poster of the Week.

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Autumn Whitehurst: Lillet

Lillet packaging by Autumn Whitehurst.

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You Only Live Twice

You Only Live Twice, 1967.

Via Honey Rider.

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La Moto Cyclette

Via Womens Moto Exhibit.

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The new Pelican editions of Shakespeare have covers designed by Manuja Waldia.

Via The Casual Optimist.

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Typographic study by Thomas Petit & Daniel Hattenschwiller.


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Moby Dick (animated)

Via Javier Jensen.

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