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Aesop: Taxonomy of Design

Aesop’s Taxonomy of Design microsite looks at their unique stores around the world, the designers behind them and the objects in them.

“Taxonomy of Design is a digital compendium of our signature stores which pays tribute to the creative processes, materials and features that distinguish Aesop spaces, and to the designers and architects with whom we collaborate. This archive is intended not only to document the creation of Aesop stores but also to celebrate a unique approach to retail architecture and design that is respectful of community, culture and history.”

Pac Man x Google Maps

Pac Man x Google Maps

Play Pac Man on  Google Maps.

Via this isn’t happiness.

The game hidden inside Chrome

The offline T-rex dinosaur in Google Chrome turns itself into an addictive game when you press the space bar (or by tapping the screen on Android).

Source: Digital Inspiration.

Google Web Lab

Google Web Lab is a series of interactive digital experiments, brought to life at the London Science Museum. It enables worldwide participation both online and from within the exhibition space, to control machines which explore and demonstrate a range of web technologies.

Bibliotheque created the environmental graphics and signage, working as part of the team alongside UniversalDesignStudio and MAP (the research and development design consultancy, founded by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby). The Web Lab website and identity were created by B-Reel, and the machines were built by Tellart.

Read on for more images and press release.

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Sulki & Min

Seoul based duo, Sulki and Min Choi, aka Sulki & Min, do beautiful work for publication, brand identity, installation and web.

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Google Chrome

A cool short by Imaginary Forces  in which a surprising art installation gives visitors a peak into the Google Chrome internet experience.

Via Designlenta.

riding the Safari express..!

It was two weeks ago I finally gave Firefox the push due to it’s processor sapping qualities. I gave Camino a go for a while, which made for a better browsing experience but under the advice of Netsight colleague, Matt, I have upgraded to the latest version of Safari for casual browsing and I am now cruising the interweb at a blistering pace..!


Media bookmarking service, Dropular is the latest in the range of products from Suprb.

Dropular takes the best functions and ideas from other online services such as Delicious, Ffffound and Digg and combines them in one place, enabling you to easily bookmark your favourite images, videos and links and browse the top picks of other users of the system.

Beta registrations available soon.

Firefox, force quit

spinning marble

I have finally lost my marbles – well specifically the spinning marble of doom that normally accompanies crashing applications on my Mac.

Fed up with having Firefox suck the life out of my Mac’s processor performance I have finally decided to ditch it for casual browsing and move over to the leaner Mozilla browser, Camino.

That once sleek and wiley old fox has become far too bloated and flabby with features for my liking, greedily feeding off the increased processor capacity of today’s faster computers. Most of the time all I want from a browser is to load a site and let me browse forwards and backwards through it’s pages – it’s not a big ask.

I am now cruising down the information superhighway (showing my age now..!) in my El Camino with the top down, wind in my hair and smile on my face whilst the bloated old fox is still back at the start loading up his saddlebags.

From now on I will now only use Firefox as a development tool making use of the excellent Firebug extension.


I have just been signed up for beta testing of Indxr, a self contained web application from Andreas Pihlström, dedicated to both presenting and archiving mixed media formats through the browser. Mirroring FTP content and with the ability to add and edit content remotely, Indxr is intended for project management, client access and portfolio showcase applications. Design studio Visuaal have even built their website using it.

Watch this space for reports on how I get on with it.