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Porter Tanker briefcase

Porter Tanker briefcase


Available in the UK from Kafka.

Best Made Straight Hold Hatchet

All I want for Xmas

So to anyone who has to ask, “Why would you need an axe?”
Best Made say: this axe is not for sale.

Cosmos wooden toys

Cosmos wooden toys

Cosmos wooden toys

This is one of those “I wish I’d thought of that” moments….

Cosmos is a set of classic wooden blocks reinvented with cool aerospace forms and a patented magnetic system.

Each individual part is formed in solid beech, sanded by hand, and painted with 3 layers to give a beautiful, smooth finishing.

A super cool and innovative soft touch coating – extremely low gloss and low reflectivity – is used on selected parts to enhance the aesthetic and haptic qualities.

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Pewter special edition Muju Mandala Spirit sculpture

This pewter Muju Mandala Spirit sculpture, from Muju studio, is one of 3 special ‘cold cast metal’ editions.

Also available in Bronze and Bronze Verdigris.

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Bexar Apple watch strap

Love the juxtaposition of this raw and rugged traditional style strap with the hyper-sleek Apple watch.

Bexar’s Apple Watch strap is made out of 4 ounces of American bridle leather and uses a time honored hand sewn saddle stitch. There are two colours available, tan and medium brown.


A beautiful Omega Railmaster with an awesome strap.

Via Monastery of Style.

Day of the Dead corkscrew

Available from Crate & Barrel.

Machined Bolt Pen

Machined Bolt Pen

Machined Bolt Pen

Machined from solid brass, copper or aluminum and featuring a stainless steel clip, the Machined Bolt Pen will take any Parker ballpoint compatible refill.

Spex appeal

Love these frames… anyone got any info…?

Via The Gifts of Life.

Zombie Cribbage

Zombie Cribbage

This un-dead twist on the 17th Century card game comes complete with a zombified deck of playing cards and instead of your standard bland cribbage board and pins you’ve got an open cobbled street and a rabble of gormless staggering zombies.


Via Firebox.