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In a nostalgic mood just recently, I was looking through my old photographic portfolio, from back in the day when I used to shoot a bit of fashion.

This one of Kath, c.1995, is one of my favourites.

Katie Nicholls website

I recently finished work on design and build of a simple WordPress based website for journalist friend of mine, Katie Nicholls.

She wanted “something clean simple and no-nonsense”, so clean, simple and no-nonsense is what she got!

Plone Conference Bristol 2010 identity

Tasked to come up with an identity for the upcoming Plone Conference 2010, to be hosted this year in Bristol by Netsight, I recently had the pleasure of working with Bristol-based illustrator Ben Newman.

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siteInspire - Oxford Ceramics v2

Web design showcase and CSS gallery, siteInspire, has included the recently revamped Oxford Ceramics website in it’s listing of selected sites. (Selected websites are those considered to be the very best examples of web design showcased on siteInspire, amongst the top 10% of the entire showcase.)

Kudos due to the guys at Netsight for site development, in particular Adrian White for his ninja CSS juju and pixel perfect renditions of my original design concepts.

Oxford Ceramics website v2

I have been busy lately working with the guys at Netsight on a revamp of the Oxford Ceramics website, tightening up the layout and improving the site’s architecture and functionality.

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No pixels have been harmed in the making of this image..!  It is straight un-retouched scan of a photograph I took around 15 years ago of a girl called Tess, for a calendar project and employs no special make-up or Photoshop.

The image was shot on Kodak Ektachrome colour slide film processed in colour print C41 chemistry rather than normal E6 slide developer – a technique called cross-processing which yields a negative rather than a slide, with pumped up contrast and super saturated colours. It’s a technique commonly used nowadays in Lomography to enhance the Lomo camera’s unique colour shift and can give striking, though sometimes quite harsh, results with 35mm film, but when shot on larger formats (this image was shot on 120 roll film) the results are far more subtle giving a negative with more scope for control at the printing stage.

I recall it took me several hours and lots of hair tugging to get the final print ( I used to spend far more time than is healthy in the darkroom back in those days!) and involved a fair bit of fiddling with colour filtration settings to get the desired result. It makes me appreciate how much easier it is to achieve such results nowadays, with Photoshop, sat at a computer with a coffee in hand, rather than hours stuck in a hot, dark and stinky darkroom.

Iain Claridge Studio website

It looks just like the old website some of you will say, but the modifications to my portfolio site, Iain Claridge Studio, are mostly under the bonnet.

I was perfectly happy with the layout and structure of my old site but it was a bugger to update so I have rebuilt it onto a WordPress based CMS which will enable me to easily keep the new site updated with new work, in addition to adding potential for some additional functionality, that I haven’t fully exploited yet.

The paint is still wet and it’s not been fully tested in Internet Explorer yet so apologies for any bugs you may come across – it sure would be a help if you could let me know of any that you discover.  ;)

Kudos is due to Rick Hurst of Olivewood for his help in taming the WordPress beast.


A quick plug for a simple single page web presence and logotype I have just created for a hairdresser friend of mine, who is offering a bespoke wig cutting and styling service she calls Wigilicious.


She is paying for it by way of free haircuts, so given the fact that my crowning glory is rapidly getting more threadbare I think she got a pretty good deal..!  ;)

Oxford Ceramics website

Further to my recent print work for Oxford Ceramics, today sees the launch of the new Oxford Ceramics website with design and art direction by me and development by my colleagues at Netsight.

Built on a Plone backend, the site is really two sites in one; an exhibition site to promote current and upcoming exhibitions, linked to a gallery site where you can buy beautiful ceramic pieces.

Plone.org homepage

I was recently asked to provide help with visual design on the new website for Plone, the powerful and flexible, platform independent, open source content management system that has established itself as an ideal solution for intranets, document management and public websites for organisations as diverse as NASA, Oxfam, eBay, The University of Oxford and Novell.

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