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I am always happy to hear from potential contributors to this blog, or enquiries related to sponsorship opportunities, design commissions and collaborations, so please feel free to drop me an email with your enquiry.

Alternatively, if you have any general comments or suggestions, please leave details in the form below.

  1. Jo says: October 14, 20113:23 pm

    Hi Iain, Just a quick email to say I’m loving your blog, it’s made my very oh so tiresome day at work go a lot quicker! Thanks.

  2. Barry Sack says: January 5, 20128:06 am

    I wonder if you ever link to fine art sites via your excellent blog?
    I would be very happy to be linked with you if you do!
    Congrats and have a great new year!

  3. Samuel says: March 10, 20126:01 am

    I’ve always loved this blog and appreciated your linking with love.

    I thought you might be interested in this linking code thing.



  4. Leon says: July 6, 20123:30 am

    Amazing blog, one of the best I’ve ever seen, well done. A collaboration in the future perhaps?

  5. Lynton says: March 20, 20136:36 pm

    Love your blog. I’m glad to see you’ve added one of my photos – I’ve added a new set on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lynton_pepper/

  6. kitty sabatier says: March 30, 20134:29 pm

    j’aime vos images

  7. Emily says: September 22, 20136:21 am

    Hi Iain, your blog is awesome and your treasury are very inspiring. I thought you may be interested in my crafts as well. Cheers! http://www.lovegemstudio.com

  8. Fanny says: November 30, 20136:56 am

    Hi, I am a fan of iainclaridge and I wanted to pass on a dynamic art project that I made myself. Here is the link about my artwork called Text Message. http://kck.st/1f95zFQ

  9. Simon Miller says: January 19, 201410:54 pm


    Sorry if you have seen this before – well worth a look if you haven’t


  10. usrdck. says: May 15, 201411:15 pm

    Hi Iain, the stuff on your blog is awesome. And I look over almost every day :-). And thanks for reblogging from my site…!!!

    Have fun!


  11. Ozbikes says: December 29, 20149:57 pm

    Hi! Ozbikes is born! Want to check it out? Our project consists of the creation of handmade, efficient and unique fixed gear bicycles. We care about design and quality and we believe that the “Made In Italy” value will be honored by the attention we pay to detail in each and every one of our models. We blend distinctiveness and preciousness. Ours is that ONE bike that stands out among the others – and shines.

    We hope you like our project! Thank you,

    The Ozbikes Team

    Fb page: Ozbikes

  12. Ian Wade says: January 23, 201510:54 am

    Morning Ian

    had to comment on your 3rd world space programme, the best thing I’ve seen in ages, thanks for making my friday, amazing


  13. Marion Mason says: January 30, 20152:15 pm

    Hi Iain, I am looking for a copy of the instruction manual for the Alessi Coban machine. I was given one some time ago and have lost the manual. Would you be able to supply me with a copy? I have tried Nespresso already, but they haven’t got one. cheers, Marion

  14. peter tbennett says: March 22, 20151:05 am

    enjoy the site…..refreshing….best ptb

  15. anonymousnoises says: June 9, 20153:57 pm

    A lovely lovely website. I am much taken by it. I especially enjoyed your take on the Bauhaus; it fits in so nicely with this book entitled “How architecture works” that I am currently reading.

  16. Steven says: August 20, 20152:27 am

    Do you have this gunship blue nixon chrono. I emailed you several times. Is this a working website?

  17. Iain says: August 21, 201512:44 pm


    I do not currently stock any of the items shown on this site as it is a blog, not a shop.

    But due to popular demand for many items featured on this site I am looking to add a shop offering selected items shortly.

    Watch this space :)

  18. Aria says: April 26, 201712:38 pm

    For years now I have been coming back to your website. It is a hidden gem and I can’t emphasise how much joy I get from it and how inspiring I find your collection. Please never stop!

  19. Jiaxi & Zhe says: August 15, 20176:44 pm

    Hi Iain,
    Really enjoy browsing your site and finding inspirations. We are a New York based duo that specialized in still life and architecture photography. Hope we can work together in the future.
    Jiaxi & Zhe

  20. Arek Dvornechuck says: March 19, 20188:56 pm

    Hi Iain,

    I’m a long time reader of your blog.

    Do you have upcoming roundups in the works?

    I have some great original content that would be a good fit for your site.

    I’ve put together this resource because my blog visitors have found it useful:

    So I thought it will help spark creativity among your readers.

    Hope you like it and feel free to share your feedback.


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