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Peter Lindbergh - 116

Fashion photographer Peter Lindberg pays homage to 116 style, music and fashion icons in his latest book available here

Peter Beard Collage

I have always been a huge fan of the work of Peter Beard and was pleased to hear that next year, Taschen will publish the Peter Beard, Collector’s Edition, No. 1–125 with a signed, gelatin-silver print of 965 Elephants, and Peter Beard, Collector’s Edition No. 126–250 with a signed, gelatin-silver print of Fayel Tall – a snip at $6,500..! Peter Beard, Art Edition, No. 251–2500, signed by Beard will be released in December for a mere $2,500..!

For a sneak preview of exclusive images from this enormous, definitive collection of the writer and photographer’s artwork click the link below – courtesy of Mens Vogue.

+ Peter Beard’s Dream
+ www.peterbeard.com

Future Plus website

The results of one my latest design projects, a website for Future Publishing, has gone live – www.futureplus.co.uk

Future Plus is the customer publishing agency of Future one of Britains largest magazine publishers and the worlds leading publisher of leisure, computing and gaming magazines.

I worked alongside Yucca Media on this project who handled all the technical development and project management.

Whilst this is my first design gig for Future, they are one of my biggest photography clients having shot numerous covers and features for magazine titles such as T3 and Redline.

+ www.futureplus.co.uk

UPDATE: My version of the site has been replaced with a new design since this post was first published.

“White space is nothing. White space is the absence of content. White space does not hold content in the way that a photograph or text holds meaning and yet it gives meaning, through context, to both image and text. In fact, white space can make or break the effective transmission of image and text.”

On white space in graphic design


Olympus has announced a prototype of a three dimensional camera made from Japanese evergreen wood at Photokina 2006

+ read more


Another great scriptaculous site from Samual Spitzer, aka splay/ – this time for New York based skate store Supreme.

+ www.supremenewyork.com


Gucci revamp their site with Web 2.0 technology instead of Flash and the results are pretty impressive.

All the smooth transitions of the original flash site have been emulated with AJAX to produce a site with the finely crafted appeal of a gucci handbag.

+ www.gucci.com


+ www.wearetheweb.org

It would appear that my blog is occasionally crashing safari – this is something I am looking into and will hopefully have sorted soon. In the meantime apologies to all you safari users – maybe you wouldn’t mind browsing in one of the less buggy browsers such as firefox. opera is also nice and now my current browser of choice for surfing – though sticking to firefox for my development work.

“what about Internet explorer?” i hear you say – now that would just be silly…!

Oh… and should anyone have any clues as to why I am having this problem, your advice would be most welcome.

+ download firefox
+ download opera

Can we still be friendsters?

Take some magazine cuttings, a gluestick and a laterally thinking mind and you too can come up with splendidly funny creations such as these homemade postcards from Jon.

+ postcards I have made