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Freewheeling x Daniel Riera

Freewheeling x Daniel Riera

Freewheeling editorial photographed by Daniel Riera for The Gentlewoman SS 2016.

Via Fashion Copius.

Lacoste 33

Via Lacoste.

Daniel Everett

Installation by Daniel Everett.

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Work hard in silence

Via Ultra Motivation Quotes.

Double eagle clasp

Clasp with double eagle (Agraffe), 1680-90. Gold, pearls, gemstones. Italy. © Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim.

Photo: Günther Meyer.

Via Design is fine.

NASA Apollo mockup

NASA Apollo mockup. From the cover of Aviation Week, May 7 1962.

Costică Acsinte x Bill Domonkos

GIF by Bill Domonkos, 2016.

Batmobile specification plate

The ultimate plate.

Kurppa Hosk: Villa

Loving this letterhead for Villa by Kurppa Hosk.

High jinks

Via Forgotten Nobility.