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Sophia Loren x Peter Basch

Sophia Loren photographed by Peter Basch.

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Mirror mirror

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Bathroom sink

Love this bathroom sink arrangement.

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Streamline swimwear ad

Streamline swimsuit by Cole, California, c.1950’s.

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I wanna be your Batman

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Kitchen luxe

That lamp…!

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DDR strip light

DDR strip light

DDR fluorescent strip light based closely on the original model manufactured in East Germany in the 1950’s. Made to high specification in the UK in cast aluminium with steel and glass components.

Available from Trainspotters.

Pippin Drysdale

Day Light Rock Pool vessel by Pippin Drysdale, (2016).


Source unknown.

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Issey Miyake watch x Ichiro Iwasaki

Issey Miyake watch x Ichiro Iwasaki

C-series chronograph watch designs by Ichiro Iwasaki for Issey Miyake. The question is, black face on black leather or white face on NATO..?

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