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Gruppe 56

Invitation from the officers and directors of The American Institute of Graphic Arts to an exhibition of German Graphic Design. It featured the work of the members of “Gruppe 56”, the Stuttgart chapter of the German Graphic Designers Club, which was founded in 1956. The Exhibition was held in 1964 at the AIGA gallery and was organized by the International Center for the Typographic Arts Inc.

Postcard designed by Sam Cooperstein.

Via Herb Lubalin Study Centre.

Tail ring

Fish tail ring by Macabre Gadgets.

Via Grey Book.

Outdoor Eames Wire Chair

Vitra have released a powder coated version of the Eames Wire Chair, making it suitable for outdoor use. Available in three smooth finishes: basic dark, dark grey and cream.

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Welcome to the working week

Via Rude Mechanicals.

Gillian Anderson x Armando Gallo

Gillian Anderson photographed by Armando Gallo, 1996.

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White space

Love spartan-luxe, raw, white spaces like these.

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Ramon Spaeti

Ramon Spaeti

A couple of randoms from Ramon Spaeti.

Pino Leone

Photograph by Pino Leone.

Pikaplant Jar

Pikaplant Jar is a single, hand-picked blooming plant hermetically encased in a glass jar. It’s maintenance-free as water and nutrients are recycled in a self-sustaining biotope, resulting in a long-lasting blossom.

Closer to God

Chapel and ground station near Raisting.

Via Klaus Leidorf.