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Cat launch


Bianca Klamt x Playtex

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Guinevere van Seenus  x Txeme Yeste

Guinevere van Seenus  photographed by Txeme Yeste for the cover of Numéro China #31.

Carl DeTorres: Rainbow

Musashino Festival Rainbow, 2008 by Carl DeTorres.

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Workin' it

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She waits...

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Kamikaze aircraft – WW2.

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Now the fun begins

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Porcelain vs Lava Lights

Porcelain vs Lava Lights

These porcelain lamps by Chilean studio Great Things to People (gt2P) are turned on and off by stroking blobs of lava in their centres.

Swiping a finger over the smoothed chunks of lava alters an electrostatic field created by a capacitive sensor. This change in the field prompts a small electronic device, or microcontroller, to turn the light on and off.

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Vanmoof T series urban bicycle

The T series urban compact cruiser bicycle from Vanmoof, features 2 gears, an anodized aluminum frame, front and rear disc brakes, a weather-resistant saddle with air suspension, puncture-resistant tyres and built in front and rear lights by Philips.