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Leica love

Leica love

Leica love

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Burger Frisbees

Burger Frisbees by Brock Davis.

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Robert Runyon x Bill Domonkos

GIF by Bill Domonkos, 2014. Photo by Robert Runyon, c1910.

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LSM identity

LSM identity

The beautifully understated new identity and website, created by Six for architectural practice LSM, draws influence from early European Modernism.

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Calamityware, by graphic designer Don Moyer, portrays disastrous scenarios on traditional blue porcelain dinner plates.

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Cathrine Nörgaard x Andrea Varani

Cathrine Nörgaard by Andrea Varani for Diva e Donna.

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Byte magazine

Cover for the April 1981 issue of Byte magazine with cover illustration by Robert Tinney.


Dead Astronaut Gangsta

AK Dead Astronaut Gangsta from www.bambalandstore.com.

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Roarie Yum

Roarie Yum by photographer unknown.

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