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Parabola lamp

Parabola lamp

Parabola lamp from Atelier Biagetti.

Three fish

Or should that be “three fishes”…?

According to Grammarist, “The plural of fish is usually fish, but fishes has a few uses. In biology, for instance, fishes is used to refer to multiple species of fish. For example, if you say you saw four fish when scuba diving, that means you saw four individual fish, but if you say you saw four fishes, we might infer that you saw an undetermined number of fish of four different species.”

Image source unknown.

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Wild at Heart

Stonefree’s Summer lookbook Wild at Heart shot by Alexa King.

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Cast iron & bronze turntable

Cast iron & bronze turntable

Cast iron and bronze turntable by Fern & Roby.

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Welcome to the working week

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All that glitters

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Fernanda Tavares x Hugh Toni

Fernanda Tavares photographed by Hugh Toni for Vogue Brazil, June 2015.

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Are you reading this Tesco..?

Art by Scott Listfield.

Case Study storage unit

This Case Study storage unit sure makes a nice sideboard.

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Chevrolet Series 19400 Convertible

Chevrolet Series 19400 Convertible

Chevrolet Corvette C3 Convertible, Model 1968, up for auction on Auctionata.

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