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Apollo 7 launch

The launch of Apollo 7, the first manned Apollo mission, October 11, 1968.

A C-135 aircraft, flying at more than 35,000 feet, photographed the launch of the Apollo 7 space vehicle. The image, taken from the ocean side and at such a high altitude, gave the appearance that the launch was from beside the VAB.

Photo: NASA

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The worldwide number 1 hit Magic Fly as released in 1977 by Space.

Space-tastic, pop-pickers ;)


Photo by Jorden Keith.

Mystery Grrl

Source unknown.

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Dry Lights, by Xavier Chassaing, lies somewhere between a site-specific installation and a performance, where choreographed lights meet organic landscapes.

Vintage cameras

A nice trio of Mid-Century cameras comprising:

Brownie Star Flash camera, c. 1958–60. Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester, New York. Plastic, metal.

Babette camera, c. 1950s. Hong Kong. Plastic.

3-D camera  c. 1930s–40s. United States. Plastic.

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Nancy Sinatra, 1968

Nancy Sinatra. Speedway (MGM, 1968), publicity shot.

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Mercury toy crystal radio

Toy Crystal Radio from about 1963. Made in Japan. A model of the original Mercury Capsule, Friendship 7, in which John Glenn orbited the earth. This little radio operates without batteries—using as its power source only the radio waves coming through the air from broadcasting stations. From Toy Crystal Radios Volume 2.

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Nuclear Family

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Stanko Abadžić: Happiness

Happiness by Stanko Abadžić, Prague, 2000.

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