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Dionisio González

Disaster resistant surrealist structure by Malaga based artist, Dionisio González.

Via Super Architects.

Szymon Brodziak

Photograph by Szymon Brodziak for Playboy Magazine, Polish edition, May 2009.


Sea Rocks

Sea Rocks

Sea Rocks – Pine Feroda wood block.

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Combi love

Love the colourway of this VW combi van.

Via Tokyo Bleep.


Gold custom Porsche 911

Gold custom Porsche 911

Singer Vehicle Design gold custom Porsche 911.

Via Airows.

Jenna Pietersen x Daniella Midenge

Jenna Pietersen photographed by by Daniella Midenge.

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Chris Colls

Photo by Chris Colls.

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Bexar Apple watch strap

Love the juxtaposition of this raw and rugged traditional style strap with the hyper-sleek Apple watch.

Bexar’s Apple Watch strap is made out of 4 ounces of American bridle leather and uses a time honored hand sewn saddle stitch. There are two colours available, tan and medium brown.

GoPro Hero

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