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Sectional Globes

Sectional Globes

The Sectional Globes, designed by Drill Design and produced by geografia, Japan, are self-assembled, plain globes which can be customized with your own coloring or drawings. The core framework, made of ultra-thin cardboard, is printed with the internal construction of the earth, while the surface sheets depict the outlines of the oceans, continents, and countries. After assembly, the globes are designed to lean at the precise angle of the earth’s axis, 23.4 degrees.

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Erich Hartmann, 1954

Photo by Erich Hartmann, Ohio, Cleveland. 1954.

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Dorothy Lamour, 1937

Dorothy Lamour, publicity shot for The Hurricane (John Ford, 1937).

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La Moto Cyclette

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Workin' it

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Joan Collins

Joan Collins, 1933.

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Modern bathroom

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