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Indian Motorcycle Company

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King of Bling

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Nepalese rice farmer dude

Nepal, Himalaya. 80 year old rice farmer of Maghar tribe.

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Sheri Chiu x Lorent Kostar

Lorent Kostar shoots Sheri Chiu.

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Fine line typographic tattoos

Fine line typographic tattoos

Fine line typographic tattoos


Loving the fine line typographic tattoos of Paris based tattoo artist Leo Gavaggio.

Flip switch

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Natalie Portman x NYT

Natalie Portman photographed for the New York Times Magazine.

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“I love your silence. It is so wise. It listens. It invites warmth. I love your loneliness. It is brave. It makes the universe want to protect you. You have the loneliness that all true heroes have, a loneliness that is a deep sea, within which the fishes of mystery dwell. I love your quest. It is noble. It has greatness in it. Only one who is born under a blessed star would set sail across the billowing waves and the wild squalls, because of a dream. I love your dream. It is magical. Only those who truly love and who are truly strong can sustain their lives as a dream. You dwell in your own enchantment. Life throws stones at you, but your love and your dream change those stones into the flowers of discovery. Even if you lose, or are defeated by things, your triumph will always be exemplary. And if no one knows it, then there are places that do. People like you enrich the dreams of the world, and it is dreams that create history. People like you are the unknowing transformers of things, protected by your own fairy-tale, by love.”

–Ben Okri, Astonishing the Gods.