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Neon (1965), by Joseph Kosuth,
Photo by Marc Domage.

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Leica X2 Edition Paul Smith

Leica X2 Edition Paul Smith

Leica X2 Edition Paul Smith.

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Mongo Train Heist Truck

The “Mongo” Train Heist Truck from Fast Five is built specifically to steal exotic cars off a speeding train.

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Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi

St Ludwig, Saarelouis, Germany (top) and Christie Auferstehung, Koln, Germany. Both  completed in 1970 and designed by architect Gottfried Böhm.

From the Corpus Christi, series on modernist places of worship by Fabrice Fouillet.

Spherical drive motorcycle

Inspired by the self-balancing technology found in the Segway personal transport system and a balancing robot developed in Tokyo, a trio of mechanical engineering students are applying the same principles to a motorcycle driven by two massive spheres enclosed in a tube cage.

Check out the team’s YouTube channel for videos showing their experiments and follow the progress via Facebook.

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Photograph by Joseph Sinclair.

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Naty Abascal x Richard Avedon

Naty Abascal in a NASA Mercury spacesuit, photographed by Richard Avedon for the 1965 Harper’s Bazaar modern special edition.

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Bat bomb

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Yanzhou Bao

Photograph by Yanzhou Bao.

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New Balance x Ball and Buck ‘Camo’ US574

New Balance x Ball and Buck ‘Camo’ US574

New Balance x Ball and Buck ‘Camo’ US574

New Balance joins forces with New England’s Ball and Buck to create a special edition US574 sneaker. The trainers feature New Balance’s most iconic silhouette and colorway infused with hunting influences such as Ball and Buck’s Proprietary Camo in 10oz duck cloth and pops of blaze orange that cover the heel and footbed.

The New Balance x Ball and Buck US574 first release of 176 pairs (chosen to reflect America’s independence in 1776) is outfitted in a limited edition keepsake vintage 50cal Ammo Can affixed with a hand stamped numbered brass plate.

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