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No, it’s not a flying saucer, it is the domed top to a 70 foot long vacuum tank at the Lewis Research Center’s Electric Propulsion Laboratory, Cleveland, Ohio.

The three technicians shown here in protective clothing had just emerged from within the tank where they had been cleaning in the toxic mercury atmosphere, left after ion engine testing in the tank.

Image/text credit: NASA

Toy Hubley Atomic Disintegrator

Toy Hubley Atomic Disintegrator, 1950s.

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Honey label

Self-initiated minimal honey packaging by Lis Pikkorainen.

Fabio Ongarato Design: One of a Kind

Fabio Ongarato Design: One of a Kind

Positioned as ‘One of a Kind’, Orchard Piper’s Washington Street Development presents a new benchmark in luxury property.

Communicating bespoke, uncompromising quality, the sales and marketing campaign by Fabio Ongarato Design, featuring photography by Adrian Gaut, is a celebration of ‘The Makers’ – a team of international artisans and designers whose contribution to Washington Street is an authentic, architectural statement.

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Christian Sauget

Christian Sauget

Illustrated vintage-style portraits with a dash of digital elements by Christian Sauget.

Vladimir Fuka

Bookbinding by Vladimir Fuka.


Illustration by Archie Dickens for Pye Radio and Television, c.1950s.

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Porsche 356-B manual

Porsche 356-B Manual, published in October 1959 for Model Year 1960.

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Johannes Stötter is a fine art body painter who creates incredible illusions with his paints and his performers, transforming human bodies into various animals. This chameleon is particularly spectacular, with two women forming different halves of the chameleon’s body.

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Vine illuminated sculpture in brass with hand-blown glass globes. Designed and made by Jeff Zimmerman, USA, 2011.