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Max Ernst, 1968

Max Ernst, Corrigé par Dora, 1968.

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Space Cowboy

Joe O’Connor of the USGS wears an Apollo suit prototype in Arizona, 1965.

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Space twins

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Gemini 10 launch

Time-exposure of Gemini 10 launch, July 1966.

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Bauhaus Doll

Oskar Schlemmer, Jointed Doll, 1922. Source: bauhaus archiv.

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Australian skateboarder Oliver Percovich created the non-profit Skateistan in 2007, a grassroots project that connects youth and education through skateboarding in Afghanistan.

The organization, which has since grown to an award-winning international NGO, caught the attention of London-based photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson and inspired her to visit the program in Kabul in 2012—especially after learning 45% of the students were female.

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Ernesto Gonzalez

Polaroid by Ernesto Gonzalez.