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Mystery Tumblr girl from the future

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“February 27, 1975 — Employees at Rockwell International Corporations Space Division, Downey, California, look over a full-scale mockup of the Space Shuttle orbiter.”

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Vintage Rolex Datejust

Vintage ROLEX Steel Datejust with antique white dial, on distressed leather strap, circa 1957.


MORFOZE polyhedron poap

MORFOZE polyhedron soap concept by Yevgeny Razumov.

Magdalena Frackowiak x Solve Sundsbo

Magdalena Frackowiak photographed by Solve Sundsbo for Numéro.

Rianne Ten Haken x Anthony Maule

Rianne Ten Haken By Anthony Maule For A Perfect Guide.

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Eniko Mihalik x Camilla Akrans

Eniko Mihalik photographed by Camilla Akrans for Chantelle Lingerie.

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Angela Lindvall by Koray Birand

Angela Lindvall by Koray Birand for Harper’s Bazaar Turkey May 2012.

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The Cacophany Bell

The Cacophany Bell, conceived by Dutch Shoreditch-based designer Tord Boontje and developed with kinetic objects company Laikingland, is more than just a tangle of bent rods and random objects — it’s actually a doorbell.

When visitors push the doorbell button the whole structure starts to tip first one way then the other, causing a hammer on wheels to career round the track and bash into any objects the owner chooses to hang along it’s path.

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Colour Porcelain Collection

Colour Porcelain Collection

The Colour Porcelain collection, by Dutch designers Scholten & Baijings, is decorated with three different levels of intensity, selecting traditional colours based on the archives of hand-painted porcelain company 1616 Arita Japan, onto the the pale grey background of natural porcelain.

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