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The Oplab musical experimental PCB, by teenage engineering, allows users to network electronic musical instruments and software together, enabling them to connect things, toys and random junk laying around the house, to then interact with any device that produces sound.

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Gelati Brio

Gelati Brio poster. Ren Takaya, Midori Saito, Mao Nishida. 2014.

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Herbert Karpitzki

Herbert Karpitzki, cover design of the Yearbook 1957, Landesgewerbeamt Stuttgart, Germany.

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Random McGinnis

Illustration by Robert McGinnis.

Mermaid Bay

Mermaid Bay

Loving this self-initiated packaging/product design project, by Lucy Han.

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Nothing beautiful asks for attention

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Machined Bolt Pen

Machined Bolt Pen

Machined Bolt Pen

Machined from solid brass, copper or aluminum and featuring a stainless steel clip, the Machined Bolt Pen will take any Parker ballpoint compatible refill.

Vahine mélancolique

Photograph by Lucien Gauthier, Tahiti c.1930.

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Nippon 5

Cover for Nippon Quarterly Illustrated Review (1935).

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Photo by yama-boto.