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Oh christmas tree

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Bauhaus Christmas

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The World's smallest snowman

The World's smallest snowman

The World’s Smallest Snowman stands less than 3 microns tall. The snowman was fabricated from three 0.9 micron silica spheres stacked with the use of electron beam lithography. The eyes and mouth were cut with a focused ion beam while the arms and nose were sculpted with platinum.

Via Scanning Electron Microscopy.

Porter Tanker briefcase

Porter Tanker briefcase


Available in the UK from Kafka.


Die young

Source unknown.

R.I.P. John Glenn

John Glenn, 1921 – 2016.

“Attractive things work better”

–Don Norman
(Author of Emotional Design and Design of Everyday Things)

Crochet girl

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Vintage Italian telephone

Italian vintage 1970’s Italtel E65 sip telephone.