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Akitaka Ito

Akitaka Ito

Loving the animal illustrations of Akitaka Ito.

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Riusuke Fukahori: Goldfish Salvation

Riusuke Fukahori: Goldfish Salvation

Riusuke Fukahori: Goldfish Salvation

Artist Riusuke Fukahori creates incredible three dimensional artworks of goldfish, by painstakingly painting cross sections of fish in acrylic, within layers of clear resin.

Photographs shown here by Dominic Alves, are of Fukahori’s Goldfish Salvation installation at ICN Gallery.

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Katsuhiro Saiki: Double

Double, by artist and photographer Katsuhiro Saiki, is a photograph of a blue sky with a vapour trail of an aircraft. The vapour trail divides the picture into two as a vertical line at the centre (see detail below).

Double (detail)



The Proteus craft, from the 1966 sci-fi movie classic, Fantastic Voyage.

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Atlas AS4

Loving the AS4 modular furniture system from Atlas Industries.

Anthropologie business card

Designed for Anthropologie by Alana McCann and Kathryn Bernadette Fabrizio.

Brandhaus 2

Brandhaus 2

Brandhaus 2

Brandhaus 2, by Staufer & Hasler Architects, is a concrete house with no windows, insulation or furniture and an interior built as a labyrinth, designed to be set on fire to train firefighters. Photographed by Rasmus Norlander.

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Maya Vik: AV

Maya Vik: AV

AV project for Canon, featuring Norwegian bassist Maya Vik, with photos by Pål Laukli and art direction by Gary Swindell.

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The Man With No Name


I think it’s time the poncho was revisited as suitable attire for the modern male.

Clint Eastwood in The Good , the Bad and the Ugly.



Oh lordy…!

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