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Sea Gypsies

Via The Selby: Greg Wooten at Home in New York.

Brainy Smurf

Via Most ExeRent.

Téléviseur, Panoramic 111

Panoramic 111 TV from 1957 by French manufacturer, Téléavia.


Rachel Weisz x Bob Carlos Clarke

Actress Rachel Weisz photographed by Bob Carlos Clarke.


Apparently a big movie version of one of my favourite TV programmes from the 1970’s, UFO, is in production and slated for release in 2013.

The production design of the original TV series was fantastic and I await the new movie with fear and trepidation, fully expecting it to be disappointing. In this regard I fully agree with Todd and his list of 8 things that he really hopes will be in the UFO movie, but probably won’t be.

Meanwhile, read on for some photos and another video clip from the original Gerry Anderson TV Series.

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Pierre Mendell

Pierre Mendell

These cool posters illustrate perfectly the graphic clarity in the work of celebrated modernist graphic designer Pierre Mendell (1929 – 2008).

I just love the reductionism evident in Mendell’s process.

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Japanese architecture practice Form / Kouichi Kimura Architects has created House of Representation in Kyoto, Japan.

The interplay between volumes and voids is intensified by the material choices, combining stone, wood, glass, metal and concrete, to create varying texture while staying in a neutral color range.

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Mini solar powered car

Measuring a tiny 3.3 x 2.2 x 1.4 cm, the world’s smallest solar powered car zooms along when the sun shines on the solar panel. No batteries — it gets its power just from the sun.

Via Thinkgeek.

Paolo Roversi

Self-portrait by photographer Paolo Roversi.

Via Dapper Dan Magazine.

Heidi Klum

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